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Field Notes Microbloggy Application

Field Notes

This repo contains a simple ruby web application for displaying "field notes". Its designed to be a companion during your day to day work to record and catalogue different thoughts on resources. You can find out more about this repo and its code on my blog.


$ make test


$ bin/server -p $PORT


$ script/dev-server

Writing Notes

The application is vaguely inspired by Jekyll without out all the fancy case handling. Each note is a single markdown file. The file name should match the format Inside the file set the tag via YMAL frontmatter. Here's an example:

tag: article

I read this awesome [article]( and it tought me
so much!

The code will match the dates (via the YYY-MM-DD) and the appropriate tag to create a nice monthly view grouped by tag. The content is parsed with redcarpet with useful extensions enabled.

Taking Notes

The field notebook is supposed to be by yourside whenever you need it. Most work is done at a computer these days. So we have the technology to create a simple script that can live with us in the shell. This will make it easy to jot down notes in the editor--especially useful if you spend the whole day in the terminal. There is an example in util/fn. I've only tested in OSX (which uses BSD commands) so GNU folks may need to update it. Once setup you'll get something like this:

$ fn type as many things as you want here
$ ... now write what in EDITOR ...

The "type as many things as you want here" is sanitized and joined with a properly formatted date and put into the property directory. Next just commit the changes and push how you like.

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