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@@ -88,6 +88,28 @@ class ApplicationSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
+## Background Cache Warming
+We've consolidated all the JSON generation into individual classes.
+Since the API only returns JSON we can generate that JSON silently in
+the background to warm the caches. This won't do anything about HTTP
+caching but it will make initial requests faster since JSON will be
+cached. Here's a simple Sidekiq worker:
+class CacheWarmer
+ include Sidekiq::Worker
+ def perform
+ Post.find_each do |post|
+ serializer = post
+ # This wil cache the JSON and the hash it's generated from
+ serializer.to_json
+ end
+ end
And that's all there is too it folks! It's not complicated but it will
make your API significantly faster.

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