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fhir format for medication plan "verein emediplan"
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Implementation Guide for eMediplan based on HL7 FHIR STU3

This github repository provides holds the source for the eMediplan CHMED16AF Implementation Guide, for the published version see eMediplan CHMED16AF Implementation Guide: Home.

The Implemenation Guide is based on FHIR. FHIR is a standard in development from HL7. FHIR consists of a RESTFul API and a set of interoperability Ressources.

Extending the CHMED16A format to a FHIR based definition (CHMED16AF) has the following advantages:

  • Support for implementers: .NET/Java and other implementations are availabe to work directly with FHIR Ressources, no separate Parser/Serializer has to be written
  • CHMED16AF formats can be validated for correctness, data types are well defined
  • Base interoperabilty for other projects based on medications, e.g. mappings will be provided for the exchange formats for medication with the EPR in Switzerland.

The CHEMD16AF format can bei either in XML or JSON format. However both are too big in size to be exchange in a qrcode. For this a shortened notation CHMED16AQ has be developed similar to the work of HL7 Germany - Ultrakurzformat Patientenbezogener Medikationsplan

building the Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide is built with the [FHIR Implementation Guide Auto-Builder(

the Implementation Guide can be built also from the command line:

wget -O org.hl7.fhir.igpublisher.jar
java -jar org.hl7.fhir.igpublisher.jar -ig ig.json

open issues

slicing on the Observation/Condition based on profiles is not yet supported


Publishing the Implementation Guide for is currrencly a manual process

cd output
cp -r ../chmed16aq .
ncftpput -R -f ../ncftp.cfg / ./
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