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dotnetcore demo chmed16af

The dontnetcore_app is a sample start app to work with CHMD16AF eMedication plan format.

following points are illustrated in the app:

XLST transforms are only suppoted in .NET Core 2.0, the fhir-net-api for STU3 works also with .NET Core 1.0

dotnet nuget Install-Package Hl7.Fhir.STU3
dotnet nuget Install-Package Hl7.Fhir.Specification.STU3
dotnet restore

dotnet run
Reading Bundle from: ../resources/Bundle/chmed16af-mp-bundle-s01.xml
---> Bundle id: chmed16af-mp-bundle-s01
---> Composition id: chmed16af-mp-composition-s01
---> Composition BaseUrl:
---> Patient id: chmed16af-mp-patient-s01
---> MeciationStatmentID id: chmed16af-mp-medicationstatement-s01-1
---> MeciationStatmentID id: chmed16af-mp-medicationstatement-s01-2
---> MeciationStatmentID id: chmed16af-mp-medicationstatement-s01-3
---> MeciationStatmentID id: chmed16af-mp-medicationstatement-s01-4

see Program.cs for demo code.

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