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Browse and manage your MongoMapper data using your browser

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mongo_admin is a Rails plugin for MongoMapper, it allows you to manage your data very easily.

A live demo is available at

mongo_admin will automatically detect your models and generate a web interface with the following features :

  • CRUD operations (create-read-update-delete);

  • Master-details for :many associations;

  • Sorting;

  • Pagination;

  • Search.


mongo_admin uses jquery datagrids to display data, you need to install this plugin first :

$ ./script/plugin install git://
$ ./script/plugin install git://


You can overwrite the following view to customize the design or add your own features :

- layouts/mongo_admin.html.erb
- mongo_admin/index.html.erb
- mongo_admin/show.html.erb


mongo_admin is inspired by admin_data for ActiveRecord ( by Neeraj Singh.

Copyright © 2009 Anthony Heukmes, released under the MIT license

My Rails blog : My Twitter account :

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