Userspace "driver" for the Logitech k750 Solar Keyboard. A fork of the repo from @noah, kept for posterity. If you're looking for actually usable stuff, see .
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+++ Logitech Solar k750 Userspace "Driver" for Linux

This python code represents an initial stab at reverse-engineering a
solar-powered (photovaltic) keyboard.  Predictably, Logitech provides
Windoze and Crackintosh versions of its software, but no Linux drivers.

Alas, I am not a hardware hacker but I spent some time reading the USB
spec and wireshark usb packet dumps (did you know libpcap is compatible
with USB? I didn't!) and fuzzing the hardware with hex values using
pyusb.  To my surprise, it kinda works.

I'm still tweaking the output but I think this is good enough for a
public domain rev-eng hack.  Cheers,

Noah K. Tilton
November 23, 2011