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jQuery.hook provides the simple ability to hook into/around any jQuery.fn[ method ] with custom events. These events can be listened to just like any other jQuery events:

jQuery(selector).bind('onbeforeshow', function () {
	// this is fired before show() is fired

Just pass in a string or array of method names you want to hook and when you call the method, three additional events are fired. Here is the new execution flow:

  1. onbeforeMETHOD event fires
  2. onMETHOD event fires
  3. original METHOD fires
  4. onafterMETHOD event fires


jQuery.hook('show hide');
	.bind('onbeforeshow', function (e) { alert(e.type);})
	.bind('onshow', function (e) { alert(e.type);})
	.bind('onaftershow', function (e) { alert(e.type);})
	.bind('onafterhide', function (e) { 
		alert("The element is hidden");

	-> alerts 'onbeforeshow', 
		then alerts 'onshow', 
		then alerts 'onaftershow', 
		and after hide fires alerts 'The element is hidden'

You can also unhook what you've hooked into by calling jQuery.unhook() passing in your string or array of method names to unhook.


jQuery.unhook('show hide');