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(cl:defpackage :mcpixel
(:use :clim-lisp :clim)
(:shadow :frame :frame-p :frame-name)
(:export #:run #:mcpixel))
(in-package :mcpixel)
(defun run ()
(funcall #+clim-mp #'clim-sys:make-process #-clim-mp #'funcall
(lambda ()
(make-application-frame 'mcpixel
:pretty-name "McPixel")))))
;;;; FIXME: This program would be improved by proper use of accept
;;;; methods. Currently it often requires the user to point with the
;;;; mouse, even where it seems reasonable to enter text.
(defvar *pattern-cache* (make-hash-table :test 'equalp))
(defstruct frame pattern name ox oy)
(defun frame-width (frame) (array-dimension (frame-pattern frame) 1))
(defun frame-height (frame) (array-dimension (frame-pattern frame) 0))
(define-presentation-type frame ())
(define-presentation-type color ())
(defclass paint-pane (basic-gadget)
((fr :accessor fr :initform nil :initarg :fr)
(button-pressed :accessor button-pressed :initform nil)
(drawbrush :accessor drawbrush :initform nil :initarg :drawbrush)
(zoom :accessor zoom :initform 10 :initarg :zoom)))
(defun fill-pixel (pane frame x y design)
(let* ((zoom (zoom pane))
(y0 (* y zoom))
(x0 (* x zoom)))
(draw-rectangle* pane x0 y0 (+ x0 zoom) (+ y0 zoom) :filled t :ink (pane-background pane))
((eql design +transparent-ink+)
(draw-rectangle* pane x0 y0 (+ x0 zoom -1) (+ y0 zoom -1) :filled nil :ink +gray90+))
(draw-rectangle* pane x0 y0 (+ x0 zoom -1) (+ y0 zoom -1) :filled t :ink design)))
(when (and (eql x (frame-ox frame))
(eql y (frame-oy frame)))
(draw-text* pane "*" (+ x0 (floor zoom 2)) (+ y0 (floor zoom 2))
:align-x :center :align-y :center
:ink +flipping-ink+))))
(defmethod handle-repaint ((pane paint-pane) region)
;;(draw-design pane (compose-in (pane-background pane) region))
(with-bounding-rectangle* (x0 y0 x1 y1) region
(draw-rectangle* pane x0 y0 x1 y1 :ink (pane-background pane)))
(when (fr pane)
(let* ((frame (fr pane))
(pattern (frame-pattern frame))
(palette (coerce (palette *application-frame*) 'vector))
(width (frame-width frame))
(height (frame-height frame)))
(loop for y from 0 below height do
(loop for x from 0 below width
as color-index = (aref pattern y x)
as design = (if (< color-index (length palette))
(elt palette color-index)
(fill-pixel pane frame x y design))))))
(defun paint-motion (pane event)
(when (fr pane)
(let* ((mx (pointer-event-x event))
(my (pointer-event-y event))
(cx (floor mx (zoom pane)))
(cy (floor my (zoom pane)))
(color (current-color *application-frame*))
(frame (fr pane))
(pattern (frame-pattern frame))
(width (frame-width frame))
(height (frame-height frame))
(brush (or (drawbrush pane) (get-current-brush)))
(brush-pat (frame-pattern brush))
(brush-width (frame-width brush))
(brush-height (frame-height brush)))
(loop for x upfrom (- cx (frame-ox brush))
for bx from 0 below brush-width do
(loop for y upfrom (- cy (frame-oy brush))
for by from 0 below brush-height do
(when (and (< x width) (< y height) (>= x 0) (>= y 0))
(let ((bcol (aref brush-pat by bx)))
(unless (zerop bcol)
(incf bcol (1- color))
(setf (aref pattern y x) bcol)
(fill-pixel pane (fr pane) x y (or (nth bcol (palette *application-frame*)) +transparent-ink+))))))))))
(defmethod handle-event ((pane paint-pane) (event pointer-motion-event))
(when (button-pressed pane)
(paint-motion pane event)))
(defmethod handle-event ((pane paint-pane) (event pointer-button-press-event))
(when (eql (pointer-event-button event) 1)
(setf (button-pressed pane) t)
(paint-motion pane event)))
(defmethod handle-event ((pane paint-pane) (event pointer-button-release-event))
(when (eql (pointer-event-button event) 1)
(setf (button-pressed pane) nil)
(paint-motion pane event)))
(defvar *brushes* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(defun make-default-brush ()
(let ((pattern (make-array '(7 7) :initial-element 0)))
(setf (aref pattern 3 3) 1)
(make-frame :pattern pattern :ox 3 :oy 3 :name "Brush")))
(define-application-frame mcpixel ()
((palette :accessor palette
:initform (list +transparent-ink+
:initarg :palette)
(frames :accessor frames
:initform nil
:initarg :frames)
(anims :accessor anims
:initform nil
:initarg :seqs)
(filename :accessor filename
:initform nil
:initarg :filename)
;;;; Editor state
(animating-stack :accessor animating-stack :initform nil)
(animating-countdown :accessor animating-countdown :initform nil)
(animation-rate :accessor animation-rate
:initform 15
:initarg :animation-rate)
(current-color :accessor current-color
:initform 1
:initarg :current-color)
(current-anim :accessor current-anim
:initform nil
:initarg :current-seq)
(current-frame :accessor current-frame
:initform nil
:initarg :current-frame))
(palette :application-pane :display-function 'display-palette :display-time t :max-height 37 :min-height 37 :height 37)
(frames-list :application-pane :display-function 'display-frames :display-time t :end-of-line-action :allow)
(sequence-list :application-pane :display-function 'display-sequence :display-time nil :end-of-line-action :allow)
(editor (make-pane 'paint-pane))
(brush-editor (make-pane 'paint-pane
:fr (make-default-brush)
:zoom 20
:drawbrush (make-default-brush)))
(hue-slider (make-pane 'hue-slider))
(intensity-slider (make-pane 'intensity-slider))
(saturation-slider (make-pane 'saturation-slider))
(animation-preview (make-pane 'animation-preview :max-width 300))
(interactor :interactor-pane))
(vertically (:width 1300 :height 900)
(horizontally ()
(3/4 (scrolling () editor))
(1/4 (vertically ()
(horizontally ()
(labelling (:label "Frames")
(clim-extensions:lowering ()
(scrolling () frames-list)))
(labelling (:label "Sequence")
(clim-extensions:lowering ()
(scrolling () sequence-list))))
(labelling (:label "Brush Editor")
(200 (horizontally ()
(scrolling () interactor)
(defun get-current-brush (&optional (frame *application-frame*))
(or (fr (find-pane-named frame 'brush-editor))
(defun curframe () (current-frame *application-frame*))
(defun display-palette (frame stream)
(format-items (alexandria:iota (length (palette frame)))
:stream stream
:presentation-type 'color
:printer (lambda (number stream)
(let ((design (elt (palette frame) number)))
(if (eql design +transparent-ink+)
(draw-text* stream "TR" 16 16 :align-x :center :align-y :center)
(draw-rectangle* stream 0 0 32 32 :filled t :ink design))
(draw-rectangle* stream 0 0 32 32 :filled nil :ink +black+
:line-thickness (if (eql number (current-color frame))
(defun display-frames (frame stream)
(loop for frame in (frames frame) do
(with-output-as-presentation (stream frame 'frame)
(with-text-face (stream (if (eql frame (curframe)) :bold :roman))
(format stream "~A (~:Dx~:D)~%"
(frame-name frame)
(frame-width frame)
(frame-height frame))))))
(defmethod frame-standard-output ((frame mcpixel)) (find-pane-named frame 'interactor))
(defmethod frame-standard-input ((frame mcpixel)) (find-pane-named frame 'interactor))
(define-presentation-method present (object (type frame) stream (view textual-view) &key)
(format stream "[Frame ~A]" (frame-name object)))
(defun find-editor () (find-pane-named *application-frame* 'editor))
(defun repaint-editor () (repaint! 'editor))
(defun redisplay-animation ()
(redisplay-frame-pane *application-frame* 'sequence-list :force-p t))
(defun redisplay-frames-list ()
(redisplay-frame-pane *application-frame* 'frames-list :force-p t)
(defun repaint! (gadget)
(when (symbolp gadget)
(setf gadget (find-pane-named *application-frame* gadget)))
(repaint-sheet gadget (sheet-region gadget)))
(defun redisplay-palette ()
(redisplay-frame-pane *application-frame* 'palette :force-p t)
(repaint! 'hue-slider)
(repaint! 'intensity-slider)
(repaint! 'saturation-slider))
(defun resize-editor-for-frame (frame)
(let* ((ed (find-editor))
(width (max 100 (* (zoom ed) (frame-width frame))))
(height (max 100 (* (zoom ed) (frame-height frame)))))
(change-space-requirements ed
:min-width width :width width
:min-height height :height height)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-select-frame :name t)
((frame 'frame :gesture :select))
(setf (current-frame *application-frame*) frame
(fr (find-editor)) frame)
(resize-editor-for-frame frame)
(defun add-new-frame (frame)
(setf (frames *application-frame*)
(append (frames *application-frame*) (list frame)))
(com-select-frame frame))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-new-frame :name t)
((name 'string :prompt "Name")
(width 'integer :prompt "Width"
:default (if (curframe) (frame-width (curframe)) 32))
(height 'integer :prompt "Height"
:default (if (curframe) (frame-height (curframe)) 32)))
(let ((new (make-frame :pattern (make-array (list height width) :initial-element 0)
:ox (if (curframe)
(min (frame-ox (curframe)) (1- width))
(floor width 2))
:oy (if (curframe)
(min (frame-oy (curframe)) (1- height))
(floor height 2))
:name name)))
(add-new-frame new)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-rename-frame :name t)
((name 'string))
(when (curframe)
(setf (frame-name (curframe)) name)
(define-mcpixel-command (com-clone-frame :name t)
((name 'string :prompt "Name for new frame"))
((not (curframe))
(format t "~&No current frame to clone!~%"))
(t (let ((copy (clone-frame (curframe))))
(setf (frame-name copy) name)
(add-new-frame copy)))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-delete-frame :name t)
((frame 'frame))
(setf (frames *application-frame*)
(delete frame (frames *application-frame*)))
(when (eql (curframe) frame)
(setf (current-frame *application-frame*) nil
(fr (find-editor)) nil)
(define-mcpixel-command (com-zoom :name t)
((zoom 'integer))
((< zoom 6) (format t "~&Zoom must be at least 6 pixels.~%"))
(setf (zoom (find-pane-named *application-frame* 'editor)) zoom)
(when (current-frame *application-frame*)
(resize-editor-for-frame (current-frame *application-frame*)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-color :name t)
((color 'color :gesture :select))
(setf (current-color *application-frame*) color)
(define-mcpixel-command (com-set-origin :name t)
((x 'integer :prompt "x") (y 'integer :prompt "y"))
(when (curframe)
(setf (frame-ox (curframe)) x
(frame-oy (curframe)) y)
;;;; Brushes
(defun copy-matrix (matrix)
(let ((copy (make-array (array-dimensions matrix))))
(loop for i from 0 below (array-total-size copy)
do (setf (row-major-aref copy i) (row-major-aref matrix i))
finally (return copy))))
(defun clone-frame (frame)
(let ((copy (copy-frame frame)))
(setf (frame-pattern copy) (copy-matrix (frame-pattern copy)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-save-brush :name t)
((name 'string))
(setf (gethash name *brushes*) (clone-frame (get-current-brush))))
;;; This handling of brushes by name is utterly un-CLIM-like, and
;;; usability suffers, but I just don't feel like mucking with accept
;;; methods and translators right now.
(define-mcpixel-command (com-restore-brush :name t)
((name 'string))
(let ((brush (gethash name *brushes*))
(b-ed (find-pane-named *application-frame* 'brush-editor)))
(setf (fr b-ed) (clone-frame brush))
(repaint! b-ed))
(t (format t "No brush named \"~A\" defined. Try \"Show Brushes\" to list defined brushes.~%" name)))))
(define-presentation-type brush ())
(define-mcpixel-command (com-show-brushes :name t)
(format-items (loop for name being the hash-keys of *brushes* collect name)
:presentation-type 'string))
;;;; Colors
(defun nontransparent-color (ink &optional default)
(if (eql ink +transparent-ink+) default ink))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-add-color :name t)
(symbol-macrolet ((palette (palette *application-frame*)))
(setf palette (append palette (list (nontransparent-color (elt palette (current-color *application-frame*)) +black+)))))
(defclass colorslider (basic-gadget) ())
(defmethod compose-space ((gadget colorslider) &key &allow-other-keys)
:min-height 24 :height 24 :max-height 24
:min-width 256 :width 256 :max-width 256))
(defclass hue-slider (colorslider) ())
(defun current-color/ink ()
(values (current-color *application-frame*)
(elt (palette *application-frame*) (current-color *application-frame*))))
(defmethod handle-repaint ((gadget hue-slider) region)
(let ((ink (elt (palette *application-frame*) (current-color *application-frame*)))
(y (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)))
((eql ink +transparent-ink+)
(draw-rectangle* gadget 0 0 256 y :ink (pane-background gadget)))
(loop with step = 1
with height = (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)
for hue from 0 below 256 by step
as design = (make-ihs-color 1.5 (/ hue 255.0) 1.0)
do (draw-rectangle* gadget hue 0 (+ hue step) height :ink design))
(multiple-value-bind (i h s) (color-ihs ink)
(declare (ignore i s))
(draw-line* gadget (* h 255) 0 (* h 255) y :ink +flipping-ink+))))))
(defmethod handle-event ((gadget hue-slider) (event pointer-button-press-event))
(modify-current-color nil (min 1.0 (max 0.0 (/ (pointer-event-x event) 255.0))) nil))
(defun modify-current-color (new-i new-h new-s)
(multiple-value-bind (color ink) (current-color/ink)
(unless (eql ink +transparent-ink+)
(multiple-value-bind (i h s) (color-ihs ink)
(setf (elt (palette *application-frame*) color)
(make-ihs-color (or new-i i) (or new-h h) (or new-s s))))))
(clrhash *pattern-cache*)
;;; Applying the OAOTM principle:
(defclass intensity-slider (colorslider) ())
(defparameter *intensity-scale* 4.0)
(defmethod handle-repaint ((gadget intensity-slider) region)
(let ((ink (elt (palette *application-frame*) (current-color *application-frame*)))
(scale *intensity-scale*)
(y (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)))
((eql ink +transparent-ink+)
(draw-rectangle* gadget 0 0 256 y :ink (pane-background gadget)))
(multiple-value-bind (i h s) (color-ihs (nth-value 1 (current-color/ink)))
(loop with step = 1
with height = (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)
for ins from 0 below 256 by step
as design = (make-ihs-color (* scale (/ ins 255.0)) h s)
do (draw-rectangle* gadget ins 0 (+ ins step) height :ink design))
(draw-line* gadget (* i (/ scale) 255) 0 (* i (/ scale) 255) y :ink +flipping-ink+))))))
(defmethod handle-event ((gadget intensity-slider) (event pointer-button-press-event))
(modify-current-color (max 0.0 (* *intensity-scale* (/ (pointer-event-x event) 255.0))) nil nil))
(defclass saturation-slider (colorslider) ())
(defparameter *saturation-scale* 1.0)
(defmethod handle-repaint ((gadget saturation-slider) region)
(let ((ink (elt (palette *application-frame*) (current-color *application-frame*)))
(scale *saturation-scale*)
(y (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)))
((eql ink +transparent-ink+)
(draw-rectangle* gadget 0 0 256 y :ink (pane-background gadget)))
(multiple-value-bind (i h s) (color-ihs (nth-value 1 (current-color/ink)))
(loop with step = 1
with height = (bounding-rectangle-max-y region)
for sat from 0 below 256 by step
as design = (make-ihs-color i h (* scale (/ sat 255.0)))
do (draw-rectangle* gadget sat 0 (+ sat step) height :ink design))
(draw-line* gadget (* s (/ scale) 255) 0 (* s (/ scale) 255) y :ink +flipping-ink+))))))
(defmethod handle-event ((gadget saturation-slider) (event pointer-button-press-event))
(modify-current-color nil nil (max 0.0 (* *saturation-scale* (/ (pointer-event-x event) 255.0)))))
;;;; Graphics manipulation
(define-mcpixel-command (com-flip-horizontal :name t)
(let ((frame (curframe)))
(when frame
(let ((array (frame-pattern frame))
(width (frame-width frame)))
(dotimes (y (frame-height frame))
(dotimes (x (floor width 2))
(rotatef (aref array y x) (aref array y (- width 1 x))))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-flip-vertical :name t)
(let ((frame (curframe)))
(when frame
(let ((array (frame-pattern frame))
(height (frame-height frame)))
(dotimes (x (frame-width frame))
(dotimes (y (floor height 2))
(rotatef (aref array y x) (aref array (- height 1 y) x)))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-fill-image :name t)
((color 'color))
(let ((frame (curframe)))
(when frame
(let ((array (frame-pattern frame)))
(loop for index from 0 below (array-total-size array)
do (setf (row-major-aref array index) color)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-remap-color :name t)
((original-color 'color :prompt "Color to be remapped")
(new-color 'color :prompt "Color to map to"))
(let ((frame (curframe)))
(when frame
(let ((array (frame-pattern frame)))
(loop for index from 0 below (array-total-size array)
as color = (row-major-aref array index)
when (eql color original-color)
do (setf (row-major-aref array index) new-color)))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-silhouette :name t)
((new-color 'color :prompt "Color to map to"))
(let ((frame (curframe)))
(when frame
(let ((array (frame-pattern frame)))
(loop for index from 0 below (array-total-size array)
as color = (row-major-aref array index)
unless (zerop color)
do (setf (row-major-aref array index) new-color)))
;;;; Animation
(defstruct anim name seq)
(define-presentation-type anim ())
(define-presentation-type akey ())
(define-presentation-method present (object (type anim) stream (view textual-view) &key)
(format stream "[Animation ~A]" (anim-name object)))
(define-presentation-method present (object (type akey) stream (view textual-view) &key)
(format stream "[Key ~:D x ~A]" (first object) (frame-name (second object))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-new-animation :name t)
((name 'string))
(let ((anim (make-anim :name name)))
(push anim (anims *application-frame*))
(setf (current-anim *application-frame*) anim))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-select-animation :name t)
((animation 'anim))
(when (typep animation 'anim)
(setf (current-anim *application-frame*) animation)
(define-mcpixel-command (com-show-animations :name t)
(dolist (anim (anims *application-frame*))
(with-text-face (t (if (eql anim (current-anim *application-frame*)) :bold :roman))
(with-output-as-presentation (t anim 'anim)
(format t "~&\"~A\" (~A keys, length ~:D)~%"
(anim-name anim)
(length (anim-seq anim))
(reduce #'+ (anim-seq anim) :key #'first))))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-key :name t)
((frame 'frame)
(time 'integer :prompt "duration"))
((not (current-anim *application-frame*))
(format t "~&Not editing an animation. Create one with the \"New Animation\" command.~%"))
((< time 1)
(format t "~&Frame display time must be greater than zero.~%"))
(t (symbol-macrolet ((keys (anim-seq (current-anim *application-frame*))))
(setf keys (append keys (list (list time frame)))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-delete-key :name t)
((key 'akey :prompt "Key"))
(let ((anim (current-anim *application-frame*)))
((not anim)
(format t "~&Select an animation.~%"))
((find key (anim-seq anim))
(setf (anim-seq anim) (remove key (anim-seq anim)))
(t (format t "~&Key isn't part of animation currently being edited.~%")))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-set-duration :name t)
((key 'akey :prompt "Key")
(duration 'integer :prompt "Duration"))
(when (>= duration 0)
(setf (first key) duration)
(defun display-sequence (frame stream)
(when (current-anim frame)
(surrounding-output-with-border (stream :shape :underline :move-cursor nil)
(format stream "~A~%" (anim-name (current-anim frame))))
(loop with time = 0
for key in (anim-seq (current-anim *application-frame*))
(with-output-as-presentation (stream key 'akey)
(destructuring-bind (count frame) key
(with-text-face (stream (if (eql frame (curframe)) :bold :roman))
(format stream "~:D: ~A (~:D)~%" time (frame-name frame) count)
(incf time count)))))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-set-animation-rate :name t)
((rate '(integer 1 60) :prompt "Rate in HZ"))
(setf (animation-rate *application-frame*) rate))
(defclass animation-preview (basic-gadget)
((current-frame :accessor current-frame :initform nil)))
;;;; Return of the animation thread hack
(defclass interrupt-event (climi::standard-event)
((fn :initarg :fn :reader fn-of))
(:default-initargs :sheet nil))
(defmethod handle-event (sheet (event interrupt-event))
(funcall (fn-of event)))
(defun doublesize (array)
(let* ((w (array-dimension array 1))
(h (array-dimension array 0))
(new-array (make-array (list (* h 2) (* w 2)))))
(dotimes (i h)
(dotimes (j w)
(let ((x (aref array i j)))
(setf (aref new-array (+ (* 2 i) 0) (+ (* 2 j) 0)) x
(aref new-array (+ (* 2 i) 1) (+ (* 2 j) 0)) x
(aref new-array (+ (* 2 i) 0) (+ (* 2 j) 1)) x
(aref new-array (+ (* 2 i) 1) (+ (* 2 j) 1)) x))))
(defun frame->clim-pattern (frame)
(make-pattern (doublesize (frame-pattern frame)) (palette *application-frame*)))
(defun cached-frame-image (frame)
(when (> (hash-table-count *pattern-cache*) 1000)
(clrhash *pattern-cache*))
(or (gethash (copy-matrix (frame-pattern frame)) *pattern-cache*)
(setf (gethash (frame-pattern frame) *pattern-cache*)
(frame->clim-pattern frame))))
(defun update-for-animation ()
(let ((pane (find-pane-named *application-frame* 'animation-preview))
(stack (animating-stack *application-frame*)))
(with-bounding-rectangle* (x0 y0 x1 y1) (sheet-region pane)
(when (and (not stack) (current-anim *application-frame*))
(setf (animating-stack *application-frame*)
(map 'list #'copy-list (anim-seq (current-anim *application-frame*))))
(setf stack (animating-stack *application-frame*)))
(when stack
(let ((frame (second (first stack))))
(when frame
(draw-rectangle* pane x0 y0 x1 y1 :ink (pane-background pane))
(draw-pattern* pane (cached-frame-image frame)
(- (floor (+ x0 x1) 2) (frame-ox frame))
(- (floor (+ y0 y1) 2) (frame-oy frame)))))
(decf (first (first stack)))
(when (< (first (first stack)) 1) (pop (animating-stack *application-frame*)))))))
(defmethod run-frame-top-level :around ((app mcpixel) &key)
(let ((running t))
(lambda ()
(loop while running do
(sleep (/ 1.0 (animation-rate app)))
(climi::frame-event-queue app)
(make-instance 'interrupt-event :fn 'update-for-animation)))))
(unwind-protect (call-next-method)
(setf running nil))))
;;;; File IO
(defun file (filename)
(with-open-file (in filename :external-format :latin1)
(with-standard-io-syntax ()
(let ((*read-eval* nil))
(read in)))))
(defsetf file (filename) (object)
`(let ((filename ,filename)
(object ,object))
(with-open-file (out filename :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(with-standard-io-syntax ()
(let ((*print-circle* t))
(pprint object out))))))
(defun serialize-palette (palette)
(loop for color in palette
collect (if (eql color +transparent-ink+)
(multiple-value-list (color-rgb color)))))
(defun unserialize-palette (form)
(loop for color in form
collect (if (eql color :transparent)
(apply #'make-rgb-color color))))
(defun [un]serialize (mode name object)
(if (eql name 'palette)
(funcall (if (eq mode :serialize) #'serialize-palette #'unserialize-palette) object)
(defparameter *state-syms* '(palette frames anims animation-rate current-color current-anim current-frame))
(defun state-form (app)
(loop for sym in *state-syms*
collect (list sym ([un]serialize :serialize sym (funcall (fdefinition sym) app)))))
(defun apply-state-form (app form)
(loop for (name value) in form
do (funcall (fdefinition `(setf ,name)) ; Unportable. Works on SBCL.
([un]serialize :unserialize name value)
(defun save-state (app)
(handler-case (setf (file (filename app)) (state-form app))
(file-error (c) (princ c))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-save-file :name t)
((not (filename *application-frame*))
(format t "Filename not yet set. Use \"Save As\".~%"))
(t (save-state *application-frame*))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-save-as :name t)
((filename 'pathname))
(setf (filename *application-frame*) filename)
(save-state *application-frame*))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-load :name t)
((filename 'pathname))
(apply-state-form *application-frame* (file filename))
(setf (fr (find-editor)) (current-frame *application-frame*)
(filename *application-frame*) filename)
(file-error (c)
(princ c))))
;;;; GIF export
(defun seqprop (anim reducer fn1 fn2)
(reduce reducer (anim-seq anim) :key (lambda (key) (- (funcall fn1 (second key)) (funcall fn2 (second key))))))
(defun matrix-to-ub8-vector (matrix)
(let* ((size (reduce #'* (array-dimensions matrix)))
(vector (make-array size :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(prog1 vector
(dotimes (i size) (setf (aref vector i) (row-major-aref matrix i))))))
(defun export-gif (anim filename)
(let* ((x0 (seqprop anim #'min (constantly 0) #'frame-ox))
(x1 (seqprop anim #'max #'frame-width #'frame-ox))
(y0 (seqprop anim #'min (constantly 0) #'frame-oy))
(y1 (seqprop anim #'max #'frame-height #'frame-oy))
(width (- x1 x0))
(height (- y1 y0))
(color-table (skippy:make-color-table))
(data-stream (skippy:make-data-stream
:loopingp t
:width width :height height
:color-table color-table)))
(dolist (color (palette *application-frame*))
(skippy:add-color (if (eql color +transparent-ink+)
(skippy:rgb-color 255 0 255)
(apply #'skippy:rgb-color
(mapcar (lambda (x) (round (* x 255)))
(multiple-value-list (color-rgb color)))))
(loop for (time frame) in (anim-seq anim) do
(skippy:make-image :width (frame-width frame)
:height (frame-height frame)
:data-stream data-stream
:left-position (- width (frame-ox frame) (- x0))
:top-position (- height (frame-oy frame) (- y0))
:image-data (matrix-to-ub8-vector (frame-pattern frame))
:delay-time (max 2 (round (* time (/ 100 (animation-rate *application-frame*)))))
:disposal-method :restore-background
:transparency-index 0)
(skippy:output-data-stream data-stream (pathname filename))))
(define-mcpixel-command (com-export-gif :name t)
;; Disabling prompting for the animation with reasonable default
;; because McCLIM's command processor sucks.
(#+NIL (animation 'anim :prompt "animation" :default (current-anim *application-frame*))
(filename 'pathname))
(let ((animation (current-anim *application-frame*)))
((null animation)
(format t "~&Need an animation to export.~%"))
(when (filename *application-frame*)
(setf filename (merge-pathnames (pathname filename)
:type "gif"
:defaults (pathname (filename *application-frame*))))))
(export-gif animation filename)))))