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Simplify force/delay.

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1 parent 071402c commit 567d63a11ae47258f3ca2d9e31cdfbb86067ddf8 @ahefner committed Jan 24, 2012
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@@ -3,12 +3,12 @@
;;;; Delayed evaluation
(defvar *lazy-marker* '#:postponed)
-(defstruct delay name fun (value *lazy-marker*))
+(defstruct promise name fun (value *lazy-marker*))
(define-condition resolvable-condition ()
- ((text :initarg :text :accessor text))
+ ((path :initform nil :initarg :path :accessor path))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
- (format stream "~A" (text condition)))))
+ (format stream "~A" (path condition)))))
(defgeneric force (expression &optional force-p)
(:documentation "Forces computing the value of a delayed expression"))
@@ -17,76 +17,65 @@
(declare (ignore force-p))
-(defmethod force ((delay delay) &optional (force-p t))
- (if (not (eq (delay-value delay) *lazy-marker*))
- (delay-value delay)
- (handler-case (setf (delay-value delay) (funcall (delay-fun delay)))
+(defmethod force ((p promise) &optional (force-p t))
+ (if (not (eq (promise-value p) *lazy-marker*))
+ (promise-value p)
+ (handler-case (setf (promise-value p) (funcall (promise-fun p)))
(resolvable-condition (condition)
- (when (or (delay-name delay) (stringp force-p))
- (setf (text condition)
- (format nil "~A~A~A: ~A"
- (if (stringp force-p) force-p "")
- (if (and (delay-name delay) (stringp force-p)) "/" "")
- (or (delay-name delay) "")
- (text condition))))
+ (setf (path condition) (cons (promise-name p) (path condition)))
(funcall (if force-p #'error #'signal) condition)
- delay))))
+ p))))
+(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
+ (defun parse-binding (spec)
+ (etypecase spec
+ (symbol (list spec spec))
+ (cons spec))))
(defmacro forcing (dependencies &body body)
- (labels ((dep-name (spec) (etypecase spec (cons (first spec)) (symbol spec)))
- (dep-expr (spec) (etypecase spec (cons (second spec)) (symbol spec)))
- (dep-description (spec)
- (etypecase spec
- (cons (or (third spec) (princ-to-string (dep-name spec))))
- (symbol (princ-to-string spec)))))
- `((lambda ,(mapcar #'dep-name dependencies) ,@body)
- ,@(loop for dep in dependencies
- collect `(force ,(dep-expr dep) ,(dep-description dep))))))
-(defmacro delay (dependencies &body body)
- (let ((name (second (find-if (lambda (x) (and (consp x) (eql :name (first x)))) dependencies))))
- (setf dependencies (remove-if (lambda (x) (and (consp x) (eql :name (first x)))) dependencies))
- `(force
- (make-delay :name ,name :fun (lambda () (forcing ,dependencies ,@body)))
- nil)))
+ (let ((bindings (mapcar #'parse-binding dependencies)))
+ `((lambda ,(mapcar #'first bindings) ,@body)
+ ,@(loop for b in bindings
+ collect `(force ,(second b))))))
+(defmacro delay (name dependencies &body body)
+ `(force
+ (make-delay :name ,name :fun (lambda () (forcing ,dependencies ,@body)))
+ nil))
;;;; Utilities
(defgeneric msb (x)
(:method ((x integer)) (ldb (byte 8 8) x))
(:method ((value delay))
- (delay ((:name "MSB") value)
- (msb value))))
+ (delay :MSB (value) (msb value))))
(defgeneric lsb (x)
(:method ((x integer)) (ldb (byte 8 0) x))
(:method ((value delay))
- (delay ((:name "LSB") value)
- (lsb value))))
+ (delay :LSB (value) (lsb value))))
(defun 8-bit-encodable (x)
(etypecase x
((integer -128 255) x)))
+(defun signed-octet (x)
+ (etypecase x
+ ((integer -128 127) x)))
(defun encode-byte (byte &optional (name "byte"))
- (vector (delay ((:name name) byte) (lsb (8-bit-encodable byte)))))
+ (vector (delay name (byte) (lsb (8-bit-encodable byte)))))
(defun encode-signed-byte (x &optional (name "signed-byte"))
- (vector (delay ((:name name) x)
- (unless (and (>= x -128) (<= x 127))
- (error "Signed byte out of range"))
- (lsb x))))
+ (vector (delay name (x) (lsb (signed-octet x)))))
(defun 16-bit-encodable (x)
- (if (and (integerp x)
- (>= x 0)
- (< x 65536))
- x
- (error "Operand ~A cannot be encoded as a 16-bit operand." x)))
+ (etypecase x
+ ((integer 0 65535) x)))
-(defun encode-word (word &optional (name "encode"))
- (vector (delay ((:name (format nil "~A LSB" name)) word) (lsb word))
- (delay ((:name (format nil "~A MSB" name)) word) (msb word))))
+(defun encode-word (word &optional (name '(encode-word)))
+ (vector (delay (cons :lsb name) (word) (lsb word))
+ (delay (cons :msb name) (word) (msb word))))
(defun join-masks (x y)
(unless (zerop (logand x y))
@@ -246,13 +235,13 @@
(defun emit (bytes) (context-emit *context* bytes))
(defun label (name &optional (offset 0))
+ (assert (not (null *context*)))
(let ((context *context*))
- (unless context (error "Label ~A referenced in null context!" name))
- (delay ()
+ (delay name (offset)
(+ offset
(or (context-find-label context name)
(error 'resolvable-condition
- :text (format nil "Label ~A is undefined" name)))))))
+ :path (format nil "Label ~A is undefined" name)))))))
(defun set-label (name)
(context-set-label *context* name)
@@ -325,7 +314,7 @@
(defun rel (label)
(let ((addr (context-address *context*))
(label (label label)))
- (relative (delay (label) (- label addr 2)))))
+ (relative (delay :relative (label) (- label addr 2)))))
;;; Instruction parameters, according to addressing mode
@@ -342,7 +331,7 @@
(defmethod parameter-bytes ((mode indirect))
- (delay ((address (parameter mode)))
+ (delay nil ((address (parameter mode)))
(if (= #xFF (logand address #xFF))
(error "Indirect jump through ~X tickles 6502 page wraparound bug." address)

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