Angular front end to submit and monitor jira issues
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Jira issue submitter experiment using Angular

based on phonecat tutorial


the core services to connect to JIRA should all live under services, right now we are mostly read only

getting started

update the JIRA Domain

Before use you must edit services.js to point to your jira instance

rename app/js/config_sample.js to config.js: and enter your jira url 'jiraUrl': 'https://JIRA_DOMAIN/' note: config.js is under .gitignore and should not get checked in or saved

login to jira

authentication is not supported yet, we assume you are logged in

try it out!

Start a webserver in the checkout directory or move the files under an existing static server

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

known issues:

e2e jasmine tests are assumed to be running as me, they probably won't work for you...

Form is currently mapped to EnergyPlus's specific production issuetype. the mapping is in the controller.js as

function createJiraIssue(master){
    var jiraPost =  {
       "summary": master.summary,
       "description" : master.description,
       "customfield_10700": master.population,
       "customfield_10503": master.acceptance
return jiraPost;