code for basic intro talk on Angularjs
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code for basic intro talk on Angularjs.
These examples are hosted at

Three slide intro at

Notes to talk about:

Why Javascript 'App'

  • Have lots of APIs, very few UI
  • Rapidly deploy clients as static HTML

Why Angular

  • State in your models
    • no subclassing
  • Namespaces / Scopes
  • Testing matters
  • Dependency Injection
  • Rich Ecosystem

Simplest possible example - 01-hello-world

  • You should not have to learn a framework to use a framework (insert Java / Maven joke here)
  • Review simple example, data binding
  • Review hello-controller.html
    • Look at the scopes
    • add button to see UI react to data
  • Talk about DI again

TDD segue

Talk about custom filters

  • Show how to test HTTP calls

using yeoman / app seed

  • Introduce modules
    • Namespaces & Scopes are a great ideas - do them more
    • Encourage reusable modules and services
  • Introduce routes
    • Single page apps are all the rage.
    • HTML pushstate and fallbacks, angular handles it
    • Reverse routing, like rails
  • Introduce filters
    • Illadelphia
    • encoideID?
  • mention directives
    • show angular-bootstrap accordion

Take questions