Small 12 Watt Active Load (dummy load) with STM32 microcontroller
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Active Load with microcontroller

This repository contains the hardware design, the firmware and the GUI software of my active load device.


  • Power supply from around 3.3V to 40V
  • Should be powered by device under test
  • Alternative power supply via USB
  • Maximum dissipated power: Around 12W permanently at room temperature
  • Maximum current: 3A
  • Robust (protected from overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature conditions)
  • Device under test should be connected via banana plugs or screw terminals
  • A PC should be able to monitor the actual current and control the desired current via USB
  • Small display to monitor actual and setpoint current
  • Rotary encoder to change setpoint current
  • Small (5×10 cm)
  • Measure temperature at heatsink

The whole design process with a lot of details are written down in my blog.