A small Python3 script to get notified about price changes of products in web shops
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Andre's Pricewatch

(Hinweis: Deutschsprachige README verfügbar)

This little utility keeps an eye on the price of products in supported online shops. If the price changes, an e-mail is sent out.

Shops included as of the time of writing:

  • Amazon.de
  • Saturn.de
  • Mediamarkt.de (use Saturn.de provider in configuration file)

Set up a cron job to execute the script periodically. This will get you informed whenever there is a price change.

A cache file is written to the disk with the last known price and the time of request for every defined product section.

Besides the e-mail notification, output is also written to stdout: Example:

SonyAlphaSaturn: provided price 629.00
SonyAlphaSaturn: Price has changed, new price: 629.0, old price: 639.0
SonyAlphaAmazon: provided price 600.9
Success: True

Success in this case is the overall success flag which considers the requests of all sections. If one section fails, the flag is set to False.

Python dependencies

  • Python 3
  • python-amazon-simple-product-api (pip install python-amazon-simple-product-api)
  • requests
  • Beautiful Soup 4

Other requirements

A working e-mail server is needed to relay messages. You might have to adapt the hard-coded server definition in the script file.

Configuration file

See the included pricewatch.ini-example for a basic example of what can be done.

Command line options

pricewatch.py [-h] [-c <config file>]

-h	prints the help
-c	set the path to the configuration file

If no configuration file is given, a pricewatch.ini file is searched in the script path.