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@ApacheThunder ApacheThunder released this Feb 18, 2017 · 10 commits to master since this release


  • Now using latest libnds/devkitarm as of devkitarm r46.
  • No longer dependent on Ahezard's fork of libnds. However touchscreen controls for GUI functions will be broken until the issues is resolved with official libnds. If this issue remains unresolved, this project may go back to using a custom libnds build or when switching touchscreen controller to/from NTR compatibility mode becomes better documented.
  • Boosted vram speeds now enabled for when TWL clock speeds are enabled for games.

As with NTR Launcher, the DSi Extended Header of Nitrohax will need to be modified post compile. If you compile this project yourself you will need to make the following changes to the header:

This sets this to start in DSi Exclusive mode instead of Enhanced mode. Enhanced mod alters card init behavior somewhat so this project doesn't use it:
0x13 = 03

This disables ntr mode for slot-1 in access control as card init can occur without full card reset:
0x1B5 = 00

The default value ndstool uses breaks touchscreen controls for retail games. Setting this to 00 resolves this:
0x1BF = 00

Note because of this required change, Touchscreen controls will not work in the GUI of NitroHax since libnds boots expecting DSi touchscreen since this starts in TWL mode initially (as would be required to allow SD access for the cheat code database)

Of coarse don't forget to correct header CRC after editing it. Until ndstool is updated to allow properly setting these values they must be configured manually in a hex editor. The release build already has these changes by the way. Ahezard may create a script to automate the required changes to the header if the ndstool issues remain unresolved.

EDIT: Compiled binaries now updated to versions compiled using Ahezard's libnds fork. He updated his libnds to latest one and added the touch screen fix. From now on this project will be compiled on that. Though as of now, it will compile without error on the old one. You just won't have working touchscreen in that event.

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