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Assets 3

Credits: ahezard, Gericom, Apache Thunder, RocketRobz, _catcatcat, shutterbug2000, and damianoamatruda.


  1. Download the .7z file.
  2. Extract the .nds file, to sd:/_nds.
  3. Extract the .ver file to sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu.

What's new?

  • Loading speeds have improved for some thumb games.
    swi Halt is no longer hooked into (as it isn't for thumb games), and instead, timer 0 and 1 overflow IRQs are hooked into.
    As a result, lags in GTA Chinatown Wars are now minimal.
  • In addition, load speeds are now much faster in SDK5 games!
    As a result, there's no more overworld lag in Pokemon B&W 1&2!

Bug fixes

  • To work around the crashing while loading SNES Choco Island, Mario Kart DS is no longer loaded into RAM on 3DS consoles.
  • Fixed soft-reset not working on DSi consoles with HiyaCFW.