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Assets 3

Credits: ahezard, Gericom, Apache Thunder, RocketRobz, _catcatcat, shutterbug2000, and damianoamatruda.


  1. Download the .7z file.
  2. Extract both .nds files, to sd:/_nds.
  3. Extract the .ver file to sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu.

What's new?

  • Homebrew compatibility is back! Compatibility should be more or less the same as on v0.0.3.
    NOTE: This currently does not work with SnemulDS, due to it having a different interrupt dispatcher from libnds-compiled homebrew.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed returning to TWiLight Menu++ with L+R+DOWN+B for 2 secs, if v7.1.0 or later is installed.
    This feature will no longer work with TWiLight Menu++ v7.0.0 or prior, unless if the TWiLight Menu++ CIA from v7.1.0 is installed.
  • Fixed save issues in some games that didn't have them before.
    Some games may still have the issue, even with the fix implemented (ex. DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2).


  • GBARunner2 now doesn't work. Use TWiLight Menu++'s GBARunner2 feature, as an older version of nds-bootstrap is used there.