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Credits: ahezard, Gericom, Apache Thunder, RocketRobz, _catcatcat, shutterbug2000, and damianoamatruda.


  1. Download the .7z file.
  2. Extract both .nds files, to sd:/_nds.
  3. Extract the .ver file to sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu.

What's new?

  • RAM disk support has been added for homebrew!
    You can load a .img file up to 12MB if you're on DSi, or 28MB if you're on 3DS, to the console's main RAM, and be free from either a flashcard or the console's SD card.
    This increases DLDI homebrew compatibility a lot, though very few may still not work (ex. Moonshell v1.x, which works fine from SD card).
    The RAM disk .img path will be saved to the .ini file by TWiLight Menu++ (starting with v7.2.0).
    Use this program to create RAM disk .img files.
  • Loading screen has been ported over from retail game build to homebrew build of nds-bootstrap.
    It will only be shown when using a RAM disk .img file, or else it will either be shown for a split-second, or not be shown at all.
  • The DC_FlushRange code is no longer ran when reading from SD card. May improve loads speeds a tiny bit.
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