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Tool List

A database of JavaScript tools, with some metadata. For now, contains only starter projects (boilerplates / starter kits).


I've used this data to build a starter project list. As an npm package, the data can be used by others to make similar apps, lists, or documentation.


const toolList = require('tool-list');

// all tags
const allTags = toolList.starterProjectTags;

// starter projects that use Webpack
const webpackStarters = toolList.startersWithTag('webpack');

// raw JSON data
const starterJson = require('tool-list/data/starter-projects.json');

Example Project

Returned starter projects are in this format:

  "githubUrl": "",
  "githubPath": "ahfarmer/minimal-react-starter",
  "githubUserName": "ahfarmer",
  "githubRepoName": "minimal-react-starter",
  "starCount": 60,
  "description": "As minimal a react starter as you can get... while also using ES6/Babel and Webpack.",
  "homepage": "",
  "updatedAt": "2016-10-26T04:04:54Z",
  "createdAt": "2015-10-31T17:18:26Z",
  "pushedAt": "2016-09-01T15:20:31Z",
  "dependencies": [
  "dependencyCount": 9,
  "tags": [
  "tagAlternateNames": [


To add your starter project, submit a pull request with your starter project GitHub URL added to the starterProjectUrls file.

Please keep the URLs in alphabetical order - that makes it easy to spot duplicates.