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HMR w/ webpack-dev-server CLI

This project shows the simplest way to use Webpack HMR, which is with webpack-dev-server CLI


npm install


npm start

Open http://localhost:8080.


The npm start command runs: webpack-dev-server --content-base=www --inline --watch --hot.

Let's discuss each argument:

--content-base: Serve whatever content is in the www/ directory. This is in addition to webpack-dev-server's primary task, which is to server your javascript output bundle.

--inline: This adds the 'webpack-dev-server client entry point' to your application. This means webpack-dev-server will serve HMR updates. The bottom line is that you need it in order to use HMR.

--watch: Watch for changes to your javascript input files and automatically rebuild.

--hot: The reason we are here! Enables hot module replacement.