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This image aims to run PHP5 tests.

Building the base image

To create the base image ahgora/alpine-php5-build, execute the following command on the alpine-php5-build folder:

  docker build -t <build_name>  .

Running your Apache+PHP docker image

Start your image, build its link to whichever other container you need to connect to:

  docker run -t -d --link cassandra:cassandra  ahgora/alpine-test-php

Loading your PHP application into the container to test

Once you have this container running you will need to copy your project to its container.

 docker cp <project_folder> <containerid>:/

Acess its container by:

 docker exec -it <containerid> /bin/sh

If you are using makefile to organize code compilation as this project, you can execute the command below:

make test

You will get the results of your tests as soon as its test complete.

That's it!