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// vim:sw=2:ai
* Copyright (C) 2010 DeNA Co.,Ltd.. All rights reserved.
* See COPYRIGHT.txt for details.
#include <string>
#include "auto_addrinfo.hpp"
#include "auto_file.hpp"
#include "config.hpp"
namespace dena {
struct socket_args {
sockaddr_storage addr;
socklen_t addrlen;
int family;
int socktype;
int protocol;
int timeout;
int listen_backlog;
bool reuseaddr;
bool nonblocking;
bool use_epoll;
int sndbuf;
int rcvbuf;
socket_args() : addr(), addrlen(0), family(AF_INET), socktype(SOCK_STREAM),
protocol(0), timeout(600), listen_backlog(256),
reuseaddr(true), nonblocking(false), use_epoll(false),
sndbuf(0), rcvbuf(0) { }
void set(const config& conf);
void set_unix_domain(const char *path);
int resolve(const char *node, const char *service);
void ignore_sigpipe();
int socket_bind(auto_file& fd, const socket_args& args, std::string& err_r);
int socket_connect(auto_file& fd, const socket_args& args, std::string& err_r);
int socket_accept(int listen_fd, auto_file& fd, const socket_args& args,
sockaddr_storage& addr_r, socklen_t& addrlen_r, std::string& err_r);
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