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COPYRIGHT.txt first commit ceased to build
Makefile.plain fixed that generated src.rpm files can not be built
allocator.hpp allocate extra 1 byte in filter_buf because uint3korr() may read 4 by…
auto_addrinfo.hpp first commit
auto_file.hpp first commit
auto_ptrcontainer.hpp first commit
config.cpp first commit
config.hpp first commit
escape.cpp temp commit: last_insert_id
escape.hpp temp commit: last_insert_id
fatal.cpp first commit
fatal.hpp first commit
hstcpcli.cpp auth support for the perl client
hstcpcli.hpp auth support for the perl client
libhsclient.spec.template fixed that generated src.rpm files can not be built
mutex.hpp first commit
socket.cpp first commit
socket.hpp first commit
string_buffer.hpp temp commit
string_ref.hpp first commit
string_util.cpp cleanups
thread.hpp first commit
util.hpp first commit
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