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MIDI-controlled VJ system
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escapism is a MIDI-controlled VJ system, written for Ääniaalto IV in Processing & GLSL. mostly GLSL though, so that my struggling 2013 laptop can spend its CPU cycles on music.

it has four animated patterns (some old shadertoy sketches)…

ever watchful (CC 30) ever watchful

bubbly (CC 31) bubbly

perforations (CC 32) perforations

shifty (CC 33) shifty

these can be mixed additively, and altered with four effects…

redyellow (CC 34) redyellow

hueshift (CC 35) hueshift

crunch (CC 36) crunch

quantize (CC 37) quantize

maybe a bit of everything? everything

i use escapism with TouchOSC and my Untitled 2 layout TouchOSC but any MIDI controller should work (by changing midi_device in the sketch)

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