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Crafty DebugBar

With Crafty DebugBar you can create your games faster.

##What You can do with Crafty DebugBar?

  • view human readable entities list
  • change attributes for choosen entity
  • manage entity (add/remove) components
  • easly print entity object in browser console.
  • show/hide entity
  • make entity draggable, move entity and read new position atributes

##How You can use this

Crafty.modules({ 'crafty-debug-bar': 'release' }, function () {;

##What will come?

  • entities selector (like in firebug)
  • easy show entity hitboxes polygons
  • performance grap (entities number, draw time)
  • pause/play, frames forward
  • current browser information, browser support
  • loaded assets (images, sounds)
  • sprites management

##How it look? Crafty DebugBar