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Java animation framework based on CAAT
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Java animation framework based on CAAT

This project is a JAVA conversion of CAAT, a great Javascript framework. The goal of CAATJA, is to be used by any Java drawing/rendering technology that supports or gives a canvas API similar to HTML5 Canvas.

Thus CAATJA alone, is useless. You must have an implementation. There are 2 implementations : one in GWT (caatja-gwt) and the other one in JAVA FX (caatja-fx).

You can see CAATJA in action here :

Code example with caatja-fx

package com.katspow.example;

import com.katspow.caatja.behavior.BaseBehavior;
import com.katspow.caatja.behavior.BehaviorListener;
import com.katspow.caatja.behavior.RotateBehavior;
import com.katspow.caatja.behavior.ScaleBehavior;
import com.katspow.caatja.behavior.listener.BehaviorExpiredListener;
import com.katspow.caatja.core.Caatja;
import com.katspow.caatja.core.canvas.CaatjaCanvas;
import com.katspow.caatja.core.canvas.CaatjaColor;
import com.katspow.caatjafx.CaatjaFx;

import javafx.application.Application;
import javafx.stage.Stage;

public class Example extends Application {

	private CaatjaCanvas canvas;
	private Director director;

	public void start(Stage primaryStage) throws Exception {

		// Init some Caatja stuff
		CaatjaFx.init(320, 240, primaryStage, null);
		canvas = Caatja.createCanvas();
		director = new Director();
		director.initialize(320, 240, canvas);

		// Let's create a scene
		Scene scene = director.createScene();

		// Let's create a red square of 60x60
		ShapeActor square = new ShapeActor();
		square.setSize(60, 60);

		// Let's place it on the scene
		square.setLocation(50, 50);

		// Let's create a scaling animation for the square
		final ScaleBehavior scaleBehavior = new ScaleBehavior();
		scaleBehavior.setValues(1d, 2d, 1d, 2d, .5, .5);

		// The animation starts at time=2000ms and last for 3000ms
		scaleBehavior.setFrameTime(2000, 3000);

		// Let's create a rotating animation for the square
		final RotateBehavior rotateBehavior = new RotateBehavior();
		rotateBehavior.setValues(0, 2 * Math.PI, .5, .5);

		// Let's add those animations to the square

		// When the scale animation finishes, we start the rotating animation
		scaleBehavior.addListener(BehaviorListener.valueOfExpired(new BehaviorExpiredListener() {
			public void onExpired(BaseBehavior behavior, double time, Actor actor) {
				rotateBehavior.setFrameTime(time, 3000);

		// When the rotating animation finishes, we start the scaling animation
		rotateBehavior.addListener(BehaviorListener.valueOfExpired(new BehaviorExpiredListener() {
			public void onExpired(BaseBehavior behavior, double time, Actor actor) {
				scaleBehavior.setFrameTime(time, 3000);


	public static void main(String[] args) {


Here is the result :

Want to use it ?

First, you must have a JDK8 installed.

If you want to use it in a Maven project, add this repository in the definition of the POM file :


And add the following dependency (change the artifact id to 'caatja-gwt' for a GWT application) :

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