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import sys
import swiffas
from swiffas import swftags
def main():
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
sys.stderr.write ('Usage: %s <input.swf>\n' % sys.argv[0])
sys.exit (1)
# parse the SWF file
p = swiffas.SWFParser ()
with open (sys.argv[1], 'rb') as f:
p.parse (f)
# print some information about the SWF
print 'has', len(p.record_headers), 'records; parsed', len(p.tags), 'of them'
print 'has',, 'frames'
# get each exported AS3 program in the SWF file
as3_exports = filter (lambda x: isinstance (x, swftags.DoABC), p.tags)
# print some information about them
for as3_export in as3_exports:
as3 = swiffas.ABCFile (as3_export.bytecode, 0, len(as3_export.bytecode))
print, 'has', as3.method_count, 'methods'
# print all the string table
print "Strings:"
print '\n'.join (map (lambda sinfo: sinfo.value, as3.constant_pool.strings))
# print an assembly listing for each method
print "Disassembly:"
for method_body in as3.method_bodies:
method_info = as3.methods[method_body.method]
# methods with name index 0 are anonymous
# otherwise, it represents their name in the global string pool
if != 0:
method_name = as3.constant_pool.strings[ - 1].value
method_name = "method %d" % method_body.method
print method_name
# dump the instruction list
for instruction in method_body.iter_bytecode():
pretty_fields = '; '.join (
map (
lambda f: '%s: %r' % (f, instruction.__dict__[f]),
if instruction._fields:
print ' %s (%s)' % (instruction._name, pretty_fields)
print ' %s' % instruction._name
if __name__ == '__main__':