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from deserialise import AVM2Unpackable
class AVM2Instruction (AVM2Unpackable):
class AVM2InstructionNoArg(AVM2Instruction):
def __init__ (self, file, offset, remaining=None):
self._size = 0
self._fields = []
class AVM2IndexedInstruction (AVM2Instruction):
_struct = [
('vlu30', 'index')
class AVM2VarArgInstruction (AVM2Instruction):
_struct = [
('vlu30', 'arg_count')
class AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction (AVM2Instruction):
_struct = [
('vlu30', 'index'),
('vlu30', 'arg_count')
class Add(AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'add'
class AddInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'addi'
class AsType (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'astype'
class AsTypeRuntime (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'astypelate'
class BitwiseAnd (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'bitand'
class BitwiseNot (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'bitnot'
class BitwiseOr (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'bitor'
class BitwiseXor (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'bitxor'
class CallClosure (AVM2VarArgInstruction):
_name = 'call'
class CallMethod (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callmethod'
class CallProperty (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callproperty'
class CallPropertyNoSelf (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callproplex'
class CallPropertyVoid (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callpropvoid'
class CallStatic (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callstatic'
class CallSuper (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callsuper'
class CallSuperVoid (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'callsupervoid'
class CheckFilter (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'checkfilter'
class CoerceToType (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'coerce'
class CoerceToAny (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'coerce_a'
class CoerceToString (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'coerce_s'
class CoerceToString (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'coerce_s'
class Construct (AVM2VarArgInstruction):
_name = 'construct'
class ConstructProp (AVM2IndexWithVarArgInstruction):
_name = 'constructprop'
class ConstructSuper (AVM2VarArgInstruction):
_name = 'constructsuper'
class ConvertBoolean (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_b'
class ConvertInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_i'
class ConvertDouble (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_d'
class ConvertObject (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_o'
class ConvertUnsigned (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_u'
class ConvertString (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'convert_s'
class Debug (AVM2Instruction):
DI_LOCAL = 0x1
_name = 'debug'
_struct = [
('B', 'debug_type'),
('vlu30', 'index'),
('B', 'reg'),
('vlu30', 'extra'), # currently unused
class DebugFile (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'debugfile'
class DebugLine (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'debugline'
class DecrementRegister (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'declocal'
class DecrementRegisterInteger (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'declocal_i'
class Decrement (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'decrement'
class DecrementInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'decrement_i'
class DeleteProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'deleteproperty'
class Divide (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'divide'
class DuplicateStackHead (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'dup'
class DefaultXMLNamespace (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'dxns'
class DefaultXMLNamespaceRuntime (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'dxnslate'
class Equals (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'equals'
class EscapeXMLAttribute (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'esc_xattr'
class EscapeXMLElement (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'esc_xelem'
class FindProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'findproperty'
class FindPropertyOrException (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'findpropstrict'
class GetDescendants (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getdescendants'
class GetGlobalScope (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'getglobalscope'
class GetGlobalSlot (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getglobalslot'
class FindAndGetProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getlex'
class GetRegister (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getlocal'
# I guess I could reduce this somehow...
class GetRegister0 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'getlocal_0'
class GetRegister1 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'getlocal_1'
class GetRegister2 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'getlocal_2'
class GetRegister3 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'getlocal_3'
class GetProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getproperty'
class GetScopeObject (AVM2Instruction):
_name = 'getscopeobject'
_struct = [
('B', 'index')
class GetSlot (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getslot'
class GetPropFromSuper (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'getsuper'
# documentation has these as the same instruction...
class GreaterThanEquals (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'greaterequals'
class GreaterThan (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'greaterthan'
class HasMoreProperties (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'hasnext'
class HasMorePropertiesByRef (AVM2Instruction):
_name = 'hasnext2'
_struct = [
('B', 'object_reg'),
('B', 'index_reg'),
class AVM2OffsetInstruction (AVM2Instruction):
_struct = [
('s24', 'offset')
class BranchEquals (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifeq'
class BranchFalse (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'iffalse'
class BranchGreaterEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifge'
class BranchGreater (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifgt'
class BranchLessEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifle'
class BranchLess (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'iflt'
class BranchNotGreaterEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifnge'
class BranchNotGreater (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifngt'
class BranchNotLessEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifnle'
class BranchNotLess (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifnlt'
class BranchNotLess (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifnlt'
class BranchNotEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifne'
class BranchStrictEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifstricteq'
class BranchStrictNotEqual (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'ifstrictne'
class BranchTrue (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'iftrue'
class In (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'in'
class IncrementRegister (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'inclocal'
class IncrementRegisterInteger (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'declocal'
class Increment (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'increment'
class IncrementInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'increment_i'
class InitializeProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'initproperty'
class InstanceOf (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'instanceof'
class IsType (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'istype'
class IsTypeRuntime (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'istypelate'
class Jump (AVM2OffsetInstruction):
_name = 'jump'
class KillRegister (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'kill'
class Label (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'label'
class LessThanEqual (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'lessequals'
class LessThan (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'lessthan'
class Switch (AVM2Instruction):
_name = 'lookupswitch'
_struct = [
('s24', 'default_offset'),
('vlu30', 'case_count'),
('s24', 'case_offsets', lambda d: d['case_count'] + 1),
class BitwiseShiftLeft (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'lshift'
class Modulo (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'modulo'
class Modulo (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'modulo'
class Multiply (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'multiply'
class MultiplyInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'multiply_i'
class Negate (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'negate'
class NegateInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'negate_i'
class NewActivation (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'newactivation'
class NewArray (AVM2VarArgInstruction):
_name = 'newarray'
class NewCatchScope (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'newcatch'
class NewClass (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'newclass'
class NewFunction (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'newfunction'
class NewObject (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'newobject'
class NextPropertyName (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'nextname'
# instruction set has them with hte same operation
# but surely this one gives you the property's value
# not it's name...
class NextPropertyValue (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'nextvalue'
class Nop (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'nop'
class BooleanNot (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'not'
class PopValue (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pop'
class PopScope (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'popscope'
class PushByte (AVM2Instruction):
_name = 'pushbyte'
_struct = [
('B', 'value')
class PushDouble (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushdouble'
class PushFalse (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushfalse'
class PushInteger (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushint'
class PushNamespace (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushnamespace'
class PushNaN (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushnan'
class PushNull (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushnull'
class PushScope (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushscope'
class PushShort (AVM2Instruction):
_name = 'pushshort'
_struct = [
('vlu30', 'value')
class PushString (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushstring'
class PushTrue (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushtrue'
class PushUnsignedInteger (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushuint'
class PushUndefined (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushundefined'
class PushWith (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'pushwith'
class ReturnValue (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'returnvalue'
class ReturnVoid (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'returnvoid'
class BitwiseShiftRight (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'rshift'
class SetRegister (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'setlocal'
# again, could be nicer, but there's only 4 registers
class SetRegister0 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'setlocal_0'
class SetRegister1 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'setlocal_1'
class SetRegister2 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'setlocal_2'
class SetRegister3 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'setlocal_3'
class SetGlobalSlot (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'setglobalslot'
class SetProperty (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'setproperty'
class SetSlot (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'setslot'
class SetSuper (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'setsuper'
class EqualsStrict (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'strictequals'
class Subtract (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'subtract'
class SubtractInteger (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'subtract_i'
class Swap (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'swap'
class ThrowException (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'throw'
class Typename (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'typeof'
class UnsignedBitwiseShiftRight (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'urshift'
# undocumented
class Breakpoint (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
# undocumented
class FindDefinition (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'finddef'
# undocumented
class ApplyType (AVM2VarArgInstruction):
_name = 'applytype'
# undocumented
class PushFloat (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushfloat'
# undocumented
class PushDecimal (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushdecimal'
# undocumented
class PushDecimalNaN (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'pushdnan'
# undocumented
class CallInterface (AVM2IndexedInstruction):
_name = 'callinterface'
# below are all undocumented; added for flacc
class StoreInteger8 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'si8'
class StoreInteger16 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'si16'
class StoreInteger32 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'si32'
class StoreFloat32 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'sf32'
class StoreFloat64 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'sf64'
class LoadInteger8 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'li8'
class LoadInteger16 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'li16'
class LoadInteger32 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'li32'
class LoadFloat32 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'lf32'
class LoadFloat64 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'lf64'
class SignExtend1 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'sxi1'
class SignExtend8 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'sxi8'
class SignExtend16 (AVM2InstructionNoArg):
_name = 'sxi16'
InstructionSet = {
0xa0: Add,
0xc5: AddInteger,
0x86: AsType,
0x87: AsTypeRuntime,
0xa8: BitwiseAnd,
0x97: BitwiseNot,
0xa9: BitwiseOr,
0xaa: BitwiseXor,
0x41: CallClosure,
0x43: CallMethod,
0x46: CallProperty,
0x4c: CallPropertyNoSelf,
0x4f: CallPropertyVoid,
0x44: CallStatic,
0x45: CallSuper,
0x4e: CallSuperVoid,
0x78: CheckFilter,
0x80: CoerceToType,
0x82: CoerceToAny,
0x85: CoerceToString,
0x42: Construct,
0x4a: ConstructProp,
0x49: ConstructSuper,
0x76: ConvertBoolean,
0x73: ConvertInteger,
0x75: ConvertDouble,
0x77: ConvertObject,
0x74: ConvertUnsigned,
0x70: ConvertString,
0xef: Debug,
0xf1: DebugFile,
0xf0: DebugLine,
0x94: DecrementRegister,
0xc3: DecrementRegisterInteger,
0x93: Decrement,
0xc1: DecrementInteger,
0x6a: DeleteProperty,
0xa3: Divide,
0x2a: DuplicateStackHead,
0x06: DefaultXMLNamespace,
0x07: DefaultXMLNamespaceRuntime,
0xab: Equals,
0x72: EscapeXMLAttribute,
0x71: EscapeXMLElement,
0x5e: FindProperty,
0x5d: FindPropertyOrException,
0x59: GetDescendants,
0x64: GetGlobalScope,
0x6e: GetGlobalSlot,
0x60: FindAndGetProperty,
0x62: GetRegister,
0xd0: GetRegister0,
0xd1: GetRegister1,
0xd2: GetRegister2,
0xd3: GetRegister3,
0x66: GetProperty,
0x65: GetScopeObject,
0x6c: GetSlot,
0x04: GetPropFromSuper,
0xaf: GreaterThanEquals,
0xb0: GreaterThan, # spec defines this also as 0xaf
0x1f: HasMoreProperties,
0x32: HasMorePropertiesByRef,
0x13: BranchEquals,
0x12: BranchFalse,
0x18: BranchGreaterEqual,
0x17: BranchGreater,
0x16: BranchLessEqual,
0x15: BranchLess,
0x0f: BranchNotGreaterEqual,
0x0e: BranchNotGreater,
0x0d: BranchNotLessEqual,
0x0c: BranchNotLess,
0x14: BranchNotEqual,
0x19: BranchStrictEqual,
0x1a: BranchStrictNotEqual,
0x11: BranchTrue,
0xb4: In,
0x92: IncrementRegister,
0xc2: IncrementRegisterInteger,
0x91: Increment,
0xc0: IncrementInteger,
0x68: InitializeProperty,
0xb1: InstanceOf,
0xb2: IsType,
0xb3: IsTypeRuntime,
0x10: Jump,
0x08: KillRegister,
0x09: Label,
0xae: LessThanEqual,
0xad: LessThan,
0x1b: Switch,
0xa5: BitwiseShiftLeft,
0xa4: Modulo,
0xa2: Multiply,
0xc7: MultiplyInteger,
0x90: Negate,
0xc4: NegateInteger,
0x57: NewActivation,
0x56: NewArray,
0x5a: NewCatchScope,
0x58: NewClass,
0x40: NewFunction,
0x55: NewObject,
0x1e: NextPropertyName,
0x23: NextPropertyValue,
0x02: Nop,
0x96: BooleanNot,
0x29: PopValue,
0x1d: PopScope,
0x24: PushByte,
0x2f: PushDouble,
0x27: PushFalse,
0x2d: PushInteger,
0x31: PushNamespace,
0x28: PushNaN,
0x20: PushNull,
0x30: PushScope,
0x25: PushShort,
0x2c: PushString,
0x26: PushTrue,
0x2e: PushUnsignedInteger,
0x21: PushUndefined,
0x1c: PushWith,
0x48: ReturnValue,
0x47: ReturnVoid,
0xa6: BitwiseShiftRight,
0x63: SetRegister,
0xd4: SetRegister0,
0xd5: SetRegister1,
0xd6: SetRegister2,
0xd7: SetRegister3,
0x6f: SetGlobalSlot,
0x61: SetProperty,
0x6d: SetSlot,
0x05: SetSuper,
0xac: EqualsStrict,
0xa1: Subtract,
0xc6: SubtractInteger,
0x2b: Swap,
0x03: ThrowException,
0x95: Typename,
0xa7: UnsignedBitwiseShiftRight,
# not published in "ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview"
0x53: ApplyType, #
0x5F: FindDefinition,
0x35: LoadInteger8, #
0x36: LoadInteger16, #
0x37: LoadInteger32, #
0x38: LoadFloat32, #
0x39: LoadFloat64, #
0x3a: StoreInteger8, #
0x3b: StoreInteger16, #
0x3c: StoreInteger32, #
0x3d: StoreFloat32, #
0x3e: StoreFloat64, #
0x50: SignExtend1, #
0x51: SignExtend8, #
0x52: SignExtend16, #
# entirely undocumented
# 0x0a - OP_lf32x4
# 0x0b - OP_sf32x4
0x01: Breakpoint, # OP_bkpt
0x22: PushFloat, # OP_pushfloat
0x33: PushDecimal,
0x34: PushDecimalNaN,
# 0x4b - callsuperid
0x4d: CallInterface
# 0x101: OP_ext_pushbits
# 0x102: OP_ext_push_doublebits