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You have a lot of music files (mp3 support only for now). You want to know what you have, where you have it, and what shape it's in (duplicates, encodings, size, track completion, mislabelings).
You'd also like to be able to query this data, for use in other programs – say a web based music player like FTANG (
You could use MusicCache to do these things!
Music cache is written in ruby, and stores in Redis.
it is executed by:
music-cache scan redis_collection_name mp3_folder
music-cache scan my_music_db /home/YourUser/Music
IMPORTANT DEPENDENCY INFO (I will not be a dependency coward. Join me.):
We're using bundler here. You should too!
FOR RUBY 1.8 & 1.9 USERS:
bundle install
This program uses ruby-mp3info which can be found at:
And uses the ruby implementation of Levenshtein distance, which can be found at:
This program was originally inspired by TheDevelopment's ruby-id3-sort, and still resembles it in a few places. please see
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