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A Twitter client one click away at your VS CODE activity bar.
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A Twitter client one click away at your VS CODE activity bar.


What's New

Don't Disturb Mode: In this update, I've added Don't Disturb Mode option that disables VSCODE Tweet notifications. A requested feature from this github issue: Allow changing loading/fetching tweets notification

To enable Don't Distrub Mode:

Open Vscode Tweet Settings > Search For dontdisturb > Check the box to enable this feature.


  • Post new tweets (Update status).
  • View profile details
  • View your timeline.
  • Favorite, Un-favorite tweets.
  • Reply to tweets and Retweets.
  • View your activities
  • Retweet and Un-retweet.
  • View trending hashtags.
  • Automatically checks for new tweets.

Setting Up

1. Install VS CODE TWEET

Install vs code tweet extension from visual studio code marketplace. Install VS CODE TWEET

Follow this link for a detailed tutorial on how to set vscode tweet up

2. Create A Twitter App

In other to use VS CODE TWEET, you need to create a twitter at the Twitter developer console.


1. Set the Twitter app permission to read and write.
2. You can disable OAuth authentication, it is of no need for this application

3. Get Twitter App API Credentials

Under the Keys and Tokens section of your Twitter app at the Twitter developer console. Note / Copy down the following

  • Consumer API Key
  • Consumer API Secret
  • Access Token Key
  • Access Token Secret

4. Activate VS CODE TWEET and Setup API Credentials

Upon activation, VS CODE TWEET prompts you to set up your Twitter's API credentials. Once the VS CODE TWEET settings UI is opened, Search for tweet or goto to the extension section at the side and locate VS CODE TWEET. You should now see VS CODE TWEET extension settings. Under the Twitter API credentials fields, fill in the credentials you got earlier correctly into the appropriate fields.


After setting up credentials, You need to reload the window or VS CODE TWEET for the API Credentials to work.

A way to easily reload the window is to click the Twitter Icon at the side activity bar, under VS CODE TWEET Settings section, click on Reload VS CODE TWEET option in the list.


Still unable to set up, follow this link for a step by step detailed tutorial on how to set it up.


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