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Set TTYPath for user-session@.service

In order for a login session (managed by systemd-logind) to become fully
active, it must be assigned to both a seat and a VT.  Without using a
display manager, two options are available for ensuring these
assignments are made: (a) set XDG_SEAT and XDG_VTNR in the PAM session,
or (b) set PAM_TTY in the PAM session.

This commit implements the second option by setting TTYPath to
"/dev/tty1" for user-session@.service, thereby forcing systemd to set
PAM_TTY in the PAM session, which then sets XDG_SEAT to "seat0" and
XDG_VTNR to "1" for the user session.  "/dev/tty1" is the TTY of choice
because xorg-launch-helper spawns Xorg on tty1.
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phmccarty committed Sep 5, 2012
1 parent 9a7c498 commit 9f61e0753d67d8424d70a6c41456ddbb969ffc3b
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@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ PAMName=login
ControlGroup=%R/user/%I/shared cpu:/
ExecStart=-@SYSTEMDUTILDIR@/systemd --user

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