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ASPDM Database (WIP)

Package metadata format

The package metadata (manifest) format is a JSON document. The package repository (aka database) format is a JSON array of package metadata documents.

All attributes are mandatory, unless otherwise stated.

Attribute Description
id A short name used for identification purposes (Should be a valid AutoHotkey identifier)
version Package version (must follow AHK-flavored Semantic Versioning)
type Package type (lib, tool, other)
ahkbranch AutoHotkey branch the package is developed for (v1.1, v2-alpha, ahk_h, ...)
ahkversion Version number of AutoHotkey the package was developed with (Internal, Automatic)
ahkflavour Comma-separated list of supported AutoHotkey flavours (a32, u32, u64)
required Comma-separated list of dependencies' package identifiers (leave empty if none)
name The human-friendly name of the package
description Description of the package (Optional, Recommended)
author The author(s) of the package
license (Optional) Name of the license under which the package is released
tags Comma-separated tags (Optional, Recommended)
forumurl (Optional, Recommended) forum topic URL
screenshot (Optional) URL of the screenshot image to be displayed

Licenses : packages submitted to without the license attribute filled in are assumed to be released under the ASPDM Default Package License (ADPL).

Package Repository-only attributes

Attribute Description
isstdlib (Internal, Moderated) True if the package has been selected to be part of the official StdLib distribution

Recommended tags (Examples)

Arrays Graphics Network
Call Gui Objects
COM INI Parser
Console Hardware Process
Control Hash Regular Expressions
Dynamic Hotstrings Sound
Database JSON Strings
DateTime Keyboard System
Editor Math Text
Encryption Media Variables
File Memory Window
FileSystem Menu YAML
Format MS Windows Other

Package Structure

'Library' packages

Library packages should have a standard package structure consisting of the following folders:

  • Lib\ (Mandatory) : StdLib files
  • Doc\ : Documentation
  • Root folder : Examples, etc.

Note: When installing a package into a StdLib folder, the files in the package's Lib\ folder would be copied to it.

'Tool/Other' packages

Tool/Other packages should have a standard package structure consisting of the following:

  • Install.ahk (Mandatory) : Executed on package installation
  • Remove.ahk (Mandatory) : Executed on package removal
  • Execute.ahk (Mandatory) : Execute the tool
  • Doc\ : Documentation
  • Root folder : Examples, etc.

Package File Format

The packages will have the .ahkp file extension. The compression format is LZNT (a.k.a LZ compression). The Magic Number is AHKPKG00. The uncompressed JSON metadata is stored at offset 0xC, with its string length stored as a UInt at offset 0x8 (Right after the magic number).

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