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Your Chrome Alfred - An Extension to provide spotlight-like interface for your bookmarks
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I got fed up wasting my time trying to navigate my way through bunch of bookmarks folder to arrange them. So if you are:

  • Obsessed with organization
  • Have a couple hundreds (or thousands) of folders in your bookmarks
  • You like to keep things tidy and every page has to be in its "perfect" place

then you came to the right place. Booklight is a clean Chrome Extension to ease the way of adding a bookmark.

  • To launch press (ctrl/Control + b)
  • To enable bookmarks search mode hit space after booklight is launched

Download from Chrome Store | Watch YouTube Video


  • Filter bookmarks based on manual entry
  • Show the path of the current selected folder
  • Navigate easily through the folders tree using keyboard
    • if the folder is highlighted in blue this means that it contains sub-folders as well. The right arrow (->) keyboard key will go inside that folder. You can go back one step to the back using the left keyboard arrow (<-)
  • Bookmark directly when you find your target
  • The ability to switch to urls search NEW
  • Launching urls in current or new tab NEW
  • Fuzzy search enabled for filtering on both folders and urls NEW
  • Clean current URL before bookmarking (sometimes the url is polluted with query strings e.g ?source= ... for various tracking information). To clean the url from those, hit ctrl+alt+x and this will solve this issue.


Bookmark Search & launch

Booklight now has the ability to search on your bookmakrs and it is blazing fast. I have around 20,000 bookmarks ! and through smart lazy loading and fuzzy search, you can now easily search and launch bookmarks anywhere while browsing. To switch to the url search mode just hit space and then you will see that you can now search urls by having the | symbol in the input box. To launch a url in the current window, simply hit enter and to open it in a new tab hit ctr\control + enter


Booklight Performance

I currently have over 1000 folders and 20,000 bookmarked urls. Booklight is blazing fast, to achieve this i implement various hacks to minimize DOM manipulations and most importantly lazy-loading of urls. The lazy loading happens in the following function:

lazyloader: function lazyloader(elements){

	var lazyloader = this;

	this.elements  = elements;
	this.showLimit = 15;
	this.urlsDOM   = '';

	this.load = function(empty, hide) {

		var urlsDOM             = '';
		var currentAttachedUrls = this.urlsDOM == '' ? 0 : $('.booklight_list li[data-type="url"]').length;
		var limit               = this.elements.length > this.showLimit ? this.showLimit : this.elements.length;
		var urlsToAdd           = this.elements.slice(currentAttachedUrls, currentAttachedUrls + limit);

		// the idea is build a kind of lazy loading for urls to minimize the building of the DOM elements
			urlsDOM += '<li id="' + + '" data-url="' + url.url + '" data-parent="' + url.parentId + '" data-type="url">' +
			'<img src="' + url.url + '"</img>' +
			url.title + '</li>';

		lazyloader.urlsDOM += urlsDOM;

		booklight.UI.showSection(urlsDOM, empty, hide);

You can tweak the number of elements you want to show on every iteration and it works for both searching and filtering.

Things i would like to do

  • Add mouse interactions
  • Add better logic to the star icon (at the moment it only shows when the page is successfully bookmarked) but it will not update if remove the bookmark ... etc.
  • Add fuzzy search for filtering from input box
  • Smart folder suggestions
  • Remember last location when going back to main screen or removing filters done

Download from Chrome Store


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