🎩 WP Customize component related boilerplate theme and features implementation. Basic customizer controls, settings, implementation with focus on secure and sanitized data.
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A Boilerplate WordPress Theme. Customizer components related boilerplate theme and feature implementation.
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project. Maintained by @AhmadAwais.

Getting Started

This is an installable WordPress theme that has a folder called customizer which includes basic and advanced implementations of customize settings and controls.

Architecture Design

Following architecture design is followed inside the root folder wpcustomizer which contains following important folders and files.

  • customizer Folder contains customizer related data.
  • customizer/wpc-init.php WPCustomize initializer (required once in functions.php).
  • panel Folder contains all the customizer panels.
  • panel/wpcustomize.php WPCustomize panel.
  • section Folder contains all the customizer sections.
  • section/basic.php Basic section with customizer basic settings/controls (i.e. Text, Textarea, Checkbox, Radio, and Select).
  • section/advanced.php Advanced section with customizer advanced settings/controls (i.e. Color, Image, and Upload).


WPCustomize Panel:

WPCustomize Sections:

WPCustomize Section: Basic

WPCustomize Section: Advanced


Released under MIT License. Copyright Ahmad Awais

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