musicaljoeker and ahmadawais πŸ‘Œ IMPROVE: Allowing images inside folders inside /raw to be optimized…
… as well (#134)

## Description
I added a wildcard folder selector into the imgSRC attribute so that images within folder inside of the /img/raw directory would be optimized and spit out to the /img folder.

## Screenshots:

## Types of changes
IMPROVE: A tiny change to the imgSRC attribute in wpgulp.config.js to grab folders and images within those folders. This is much the same as the current selector on the watchStyles attribute. I believe this is more intuitive and should be on by default. :)

## How Has This Been Tested?
My own WordPress theme has folders inside the /raw folder called /favicons and /footer. I implemented this change and it works for my theme.

## Checklist:
- [ x ] My code is tested.
- [ x ] My code follows the WordPress code style.
- [ x ] My code follows has extensive inline documentation like the rest of WPGulp.
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