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Read what's πŸ“¦ new, πŸ‘Œ improved, πŸ› fixed, and if πŸ“– docs got updated β€” in the latest version.

πŸ‘‰ Read how to update to the latest version!

🐼 VERSION 1.9.6

πŸ“¦ NEW:
  • Provide warning on invalid block name β€” FIX #28 (PR #40) Props @wpjsio 5322279c1e9b5f9a7f5769ed4df825796c43513e
  • 'save' function props β€” FIX #29 (PR #41) Props @abdullah1908 d03d6f117f437c05e3dc69c378db46689df4b242
  • Install via npx (#13) Props @ntwb 27a50ebe97b19b88078bf2163327a9f90466c13a
πŸ› FIX:
  • SSL for Readme links 546ebf0737008badf97967aa04d244b3228c7ee4
  • Typo f84bc64706dc380dfc44f6521f4e4646566d7233
  • Links for supporting create-guten-block 4517dee930b03e69b3ff893a0a36052934903b9b
πŸ“– DOC:
  • Support create-guten-block 8b69419fd2f7cad836e5370a6045de67c1f6352a

🐼 VERSION 1.9.5

πŸ“¦ NEW:
  • First pass on translation file generation 6c92f4af8f3fe156c4ad4770255edfa63f1facc2
  • Package Updates 1e17afcc6b4f640a43ad0b3cff915fab75dffe2b
  • Install via npx (#13) Props @ntwb 27a50ebe97b19b88078bf2163327a9f90466c13a
πŸ› FIX:
  • shouldUseSourceMap with env file 3b74157fc23b238847d9f39dc858cfcdeb53d644
πŸ“– DOC:
  • Install via npx (#13) Props @ntwb 27a50ebe97b19b88078bf2163327a9f90466c13a

πŸ¦‹ VERSION 1.9.4

πŸ“¦ NEW:
  • Single + Multi Block Ejected Examples 05db4b54ca787b94da5ed53be95c275576e25e6e
πŸ“– DOC:
  • Eject method bb3be17435ca26a38ce1807e3aeb3acc8043fbf1
  • Better inline docs updates 1254c29de9d734d5cbe77073d46e96654622d9e5

🐠 VERSION 1.9.3

  • Write Right webpack c86cbd054f9d2f6c19c7058f7482bdca919abfd8
  • Remove unnecessary parentheses Props @tfrommen 54102d5e79fc74fa617f9c8ffa5ea7436f9eabad
πŸ› FIX:
  • Alpha publish 914d4b59324bfa1005b48b47995aa06da2d75640
πŸ“– DOC:
  • Inline doc improvements c5437de3b3e859cc42295ce8aa0d9188932c5ae7

πŸ”° VERSION 1.9.2

  • Start and Build Scripts Communication fixes issue #19 β€” Props @ahmadawais @igorbenic

🦁 VERSION 1.9.1

The first public release of create-guten-block.

πŸ“¦ NEW:
  • NPM package create-guten-block command line tool.
  • Create WordPress plugin folder.
  • Building WordPress plugin files.
  • Run: create-guten-block --help (-h) β€” to show help.
  • Run: create-guten-block --debug (-d) β€” to show debug environment info.
  • Build custom Gutenberg Block.
  • Basic Webpack configurations for dev/prod.
  • Dynamic WP plugin and Gutenberg Block Names.
  • Run: npm start β€” For development.
  • Run: npm run build β€” For production build.
  • Run: npm run eject β€” To customize, update, and maintain all by yourself.
  • Eject Feature β€” by @ahmadawais
πŸ› FIX:
  • create-guten-block dependency on cgb-scripts.
  • Typo of plugin β€” by @asharirfan
πŸ“– DOC:
  • First iteration of documentation.
  • Improve Grammar β€” by @maedahbatool

🐨 VERSION 1.0.0 - 1.9.0

Version 1.0.0 was where it all began. From there the project was in beta till v1.9.0 came out. Which is why we've ignore the Changelog for these versions.