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πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple β€” A professional theme with hand-picked & bold shades of purple for iTerm2 & Zsh.

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Shades-of-Purple Theme for iTerm2 and ZSH

Shades of Purple Theme for iTerm2

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Shades-of-Purple Theme for iTerm2 and ZSH
I πŸ’œ purple, because purple can be genius.
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project. Maintained by @AhmadAwais.

Professional iTerm2 theme with hand-picked & bold shades of purple πŸ’œ to go along with your iTerm2 terminal. A custom iTerm2 theme with style.


Easy Installation

  1. Make sure you hca Oh My Zsh installed
  2. Drop the shades-of-purple.zsh-theme file in to the ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/ directory.
curl > ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/shades-of-purple.zsh-theme
  1. Open up your ZSH preferences at ~/.zshrc and change the theme variable to ZSH_THEME="shades-of-purple".
  2. In iTerm2 access the iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles > Colors Tab
  3. Under the Colors tab import the shades-of-purple.itermcolors file via the Load Presets drop-down at the bottom right.
curl > ~/Desktop/shades-of-purple.itermcolors
  1. Under the Text tab change the font for each type (Regular Font to Operator Mono or Fira Code or whatever you like, but for Non-ASCII font you must use Inconsolata for Powerline.
  2. Refresh ZSH by typing source ~/.zshrc on the command line.
  3. Done!!! πŸ™Œ


Tips & Tricks

my font settings

They work well together! You will need to install the patched powerline font as well: . I use Operator Mono it's a $200 premium font (devs spend so much time with code, it's only fair that it looks good) a free alternative is Fira Code. For non-ASCII font, you'll need to also installed a patched Powerline Font β€” I use the Inconsolata and it works well for this theme.

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License & Attribution thanks

License & Attribution

Licensed as MIT β“’ Ahmad Awais.

Thanks to the creators of Agnoster, Cobalt themes and patched powerline fonts. And Icons8 for the icons in this readme.

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For anything else, tweet at @MrAhmadAwais

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πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple β€” A professional theme with hand-picked & bold shades of purple for iTerm2 & Zsh.



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