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Travis CI builds dashboard written in python
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CI Dashboard

Travis CI builds dashboard written in python



curl -sL | sudo bash 

Getting started

Start server

cidashboard start [arguments]
    --host          :   the hostname to listen on, default
    --port          :   the port of the webserver, default 5000

CI-Dashboard server will be started in a new tmux session named [cidashboard].

Set your configration

  • Go to Settings page http://{host}:{port}/settings, and set the following parameters :

    • Travis token: your travis token. need help?

    • Github token: your github account token. need help?

      Optional. you will need it in case you want to trigger new builds from the dashboard.

    • Interval : update interval in millisecond.

    • Grid size : number of columns and rows to be shown in the dashboard.

    • View mode : onepage or slideshow.

    • Threads : number of threads to fetch repositories info in the same time.

Open dashboard

  • Go to Dashboard page http:/{host}:{port}/dashboard, and have fun!.


cidashboard help 

To do

  • Error handling



Ahmed El-Sayed

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