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Forge Wizard

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General Information

This project is an entry for the The Riot Games API Challenge 2017.

by (EUW: Skt T1 Feed3r, EUW: ðemoń)

You can download the app from Itunes Forge Wizard, a video demo here

The project is an iOS application which helps the new users to educate about using the new RUNES, and help the pro players to share their experience in the game by adding their own RUNES, not to mention the RUNES description with videos and how it works and the patch changes.

The app itself is an online/offline mode in case you want to see the champions RUNES and how it works, it's also provide the ability to specific your own RUNES so the other people could use them and share it with other friends,

Champions runes demo data reads from RuneForge.


  • Check the best why you have to pick this runes for the champion.
  • Offline and online mode.
  • You can share your own runes with other people.
  • Check runes changes with league of legends updates
  • Describe the new runes system with video and more !

Technologies used

  • Swift
  • Php Laravel framework

Setup for laravel project

  • Configure .env.example with the username, password, database for your installation
  • Rename .env.example to .env
  • Add to .env file RIOT_API=API KEY by change API KEY with riot api
  • Create the database with the sql-file
  • Now you can call the endpoint :)


  • Riot endpoints
Endpoint Description Method Controller
v1/champions/update Install the latest champions from league of legends to database GET RiotController.php@InstallOrUpdateChampions
v1/champions/updateFreeRotate Update free rotate stats for the champions GET RiotController.php@updateFreeRotate
v1/summoner/verify Check summoner name if exist and verify by third party verification endpoint from league POST RiotController.php@VerifySummonerAccount
  • Runes Endpoint
Endpoint Description Method Parameters
v1/runes/updateRunes Update or install the new runes fetch from en_US_runesReforged.json GET RunesController.php@InstallOrUpdateRunes
v1/runes/updateLanes Update or install the champiosn roles fetch from Lanes.json GET RunesController.php@InstallOrUpdateLanes
v1/runes/getRunes Get latest runes for using in application GET RunesController.php@getRunes
  • Patch Endpoint
Endpoint Description Method Parameters
v1/patch/addPatch Add patch version for the database POST PatchController.php@AddPatch
v1/patch/addNote Add note for the added patch POST PatchController.php@AddNote
v1/patch/getPatches Get lataest patch for the runes include the notes GET PatchController.php@getPatches
  • Rune Build Endpoint
Endpoint Description Method Parameters
v1/build/getTools Fetch latest patches change, champions, and roles for using it before add the build GET BuildsController.php@getTools
v1/build/setupData Fetch latest runes build from data.json and save it to the database GET BuildsController.php@setupData
v1/build/addTopPlayer Add pro player to the database POST BuildsController.php@AddTopPlayer
v1/build/getBuilds get latest builds for the every chmpion maximum 5 per one GET BuildsController.php@getData
v1/build/getBuilds/champion/{id}/ get the latest champion build by champion id GET BuildsController.php@getDataByChampionId
v1/build/getBuilds/user/{id}/ get the latest champion build by user id GET BuildsController.php@getDataByUserId
v1/build/addBuild Add new runes build to the database POST BuildsController.php@AddBuild
v1/build/removeBuild Remove build from the databbase POST BuildsController.php@RemoveBuild
v1/build/addRate Add rate for the build positive or negative POST BuildsController.php@AddRate

TODO in future

  • enable auth login and register
  • allow user to remove or edit his own build
  • allow user to rate other people builds
  • allow user to report the bad builds or troll builds


Forge Wizard isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.