Pico Flat File Based CMS Plugin for better navigation with editable id and class config
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Pico Navigation Plugin

This is a Plugin for the Flat File Based CMS named Pico.


Copy the at_navigation.php File to the plugins Folder in the Root of your Pico Project. Every Plugin in this Folder is activated automatically.

In your theme you only have to add this line where your navigation should be:

{{ at_navigation.navigation }}

I redesigned the style of the default theme for a quick preview. The output is like this:

Default Theme with at_navigation Plugin

just replace the default Theme Folder with the one in this repo and add this line to your config.php

$config['at_navigation']['class'] = 'nav';

set id and class of navigation element

Add these two lines to your config.php to change id and/ or class from at-navigation to anything you want:

$config['at_navigation']['id'] = 'at-navigation';
$config['at_navigation']['class'] = 'at-navigation';

set class of list items and links

$config['at_navigation']['class_li'] = 'list-item';
$config['at_navigation']['class_a'] = 'link-item';

exclude pages and folders

Add these two lines to your config.php to exclude single pages and/ or folders:

$config['at_navigation']['exclude']['single'] = array('a/site', 'another/site');
$config['at_navigation']['exclude']['folder'] = array('a/folder', 'another/folder');

what it does

This Plugin generates a better navigation with child navigations and editable configuration.

So the output looks like:

<ul id="at-navigation" class="at-navigation">
    <li><a href="…" title="…">…</a></li>
        <a href="…" title="…">…</a>
            <li class="is-active"><a href="#" class="is-active" title="…">…</a></li>

As you can see it will add an .is-active class to the <a> and <li> element of the active page.


CreativeCommons2.0 licence: CC BY-SA

You are free to share & remix this code only if you mention me as coder of this base.


Copyright © Ahmet Topal 2013. All rights reserved.