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Zemberek-NLP provides basic Natural Language Processing tools for Turkish. Please note that all code and APIs are subject to change until version 1.0.0

Latest version is 0.15.0 (August 2nd 2018). Change Log

Please read the FAQ for common questions.


Module Maven Id
Core zemberek-core Special Collections, Hash functions and helpers.
Morphology zemberek-morphology Turkish morphological analysis, disambiguation and word generation.
Tokenization zemberek-tokenization Turkish Tokenization and sentence boundary detection.
Normalization zemberek-normalization Basic spell checker and word suggestion.
NER zemberek-ner Turkish Named Entity Recognition.
Classification zemberek-classification Text classification based on Java port of fastText project.
Language Identification zemberek-lang-id Fast identification of text language.
Language Modeling zemberek-lm Provides a language model compression algorithm.
Applications zemberek-apps Console applications
Examples zemberek-examples Usage examples.



Add this to pom.xml file

        <name>ahmetaa Maven Repo on Github</name>

And dependencies (For example morphology):


Jar distributions

Google drive page contains jar files for different versions.

[module-jars] folder contain all zemberek modules as separate jar files.

[zemberek-all-0.15.0.jar] contains all zemberek modules. [dependencies] folder contains other dependencies such as Google Guava.

[zemberek-full.jar] is a single jar that contains all modules and dependencies.


There is an examples module in the code for usage examples.

Also, there is a separate project with same examples that uses Zemberek-NLP as maven modules: Turkish-nlp-examples

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Project requires Java 8 or higher.
  • NER module does not provide a model yet.
  • Library is not well-tested for multi-threaded usage.

Please see issues section for further issues and feel free to create new ones.


Code is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0


If you use this project in an academic publication, please refer to this site.


Please refer to contributors.txt file.