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@@ -75,9 +75,10 @@ Here's a neat blog post explains the project, highly recommended read:
### Current significant limitations
-* Single-level file hierarchy (/container/file), no nested dirs.
-* Untested Mac OS X support
-* No support for files on root level ($root container)*
+* Single-level file hierarchy (i.e. `/container/file`)
+ - Nested directories (i.e `/container/directory/file`) are not supported.
+* Untested Mac OS X support (probably won't work)
+* No support for files on root level (container name is `$root`)
* Freezes GUI environments e.g. standard Ubuntu; works fine on Ubuntu Server
* Couldn't make use of [delete container]( REST API call due to UNIX VFS interface.
Therefore if you attempt to `rm -rf` a container with 1000s of files, you'll wait a

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