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README: fix typo in ln cmd for zsh comp

Signed-off-by: Ahmet Alp Balkan <>
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ahmetb committed Sep 5, 2018
1 parent 34a9e10 commit 41296a5fcf453237411387a806534ad5d020e34b
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@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ them to any POSIX environment that has Bash installed.
mkdir -p ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions
chmod -R 755 ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions
ln -s /opt/kubectx/completion/kubectx.zsh ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/_kubectx.zsh
ln -s /opt/kubectx/completion/kubens.zsh ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/_kubens.zsh
ln -s /opt/kubectx/completion/kubens.zsh ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/_kubectx.zsh
Note that the leading underscore seems to be a convention.
If not using oh-my-zsh, you could link to `/usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion` (might require sudo), depending on the `$fpath` of your zsh installation.

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