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kubectx rename check if old_name is a valid ctx (#139)

Without this safeguard, when user runs `kubectx NEW_NAME=OLD_NAME` where
NEW_NAME is an existing context but OLD_NAME isn't, we end up deleting NEW_NAME
and not doing any renames (because OLD_NAME is not found).

Fixes #136.

Signed-off-by: Ahmet Alp Balkan <>
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ahmetb committed Apr 4, 2019
1 parent b3732b3 commit b9614bd2e0b1bb7b11da9627bb146b1b4d1a7524
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@@ -148,6 +148,11 @@ rename_context() {

if ! context_exists "${old_name}"; then
echo "error: Context \"${old_name}\" not found, can't rename it." >&2
exit 1

if context_exists "${new_name}"; then
echo "Context \"${new_name}\" exists, deleting..." >&2
$KUBECTL config delete-context "${new_name}" 1>/dev/null 2>&1

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