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ALLOW traffic from external clients

This Network Policy enables external clients from the public Internet directly or via a Load Balancer to access to the pod.

Use Cases:

Diagram of ALLOW traffic from external clients policy


Run a web server and expose it to the internet with a Load Balancer:

kubectl run web --image=nginx \
    --labels=app=web --port 80

kubectl expose deployment/web --type=LoadBalancer

Wait until an EXTERNAL-IP appears on kubectl get service output. Visit the http://[EXTERNAL-IP] on your browser and verify it is accessible.

The following manifest allows traffic from all sources (both internal from the cluster and external). Save it to web-allow-external.yaml and apply to the cluster:

kind: NetworkPolicy
  name: web-allow-external
      app: web
  - from: []
$ kubectl apply -f web-allow-external.yaml
networkpolicy "web-allow-external" created

Visit the http://[EXTERNAL-IP] on your browser again and verify it still works.


This manifest specifies one ingress rule for the app=web pods. Since it does not specify a particular podSelector or namespaceSelector, it allows traffic from all resources, including external.

To restrict external access only to port 80, you can deploy an ingress rule such as:

  - ports:
    - port: 80
    from: []


kubectl delete deployment web
kubectl delete service web
kubectl delete networkpolicy web-allow-external