lightweight and minimalist ORM for Java/Android. works with SQLite & MySQL. (not actively maintained)
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ORMAN is an minimalistic and lightweight ORM framework for Java which can handle your common database usage without writing SQL and struggling with lots of jar dependencies.

It is written in pure java so that you can use ORMAN in your small database-consuming Java projects or Android apps very easily!


Want to learn how to use ORMAN framework in a few minutes? Please read our Wiki.

Pros & Cons

ORMAN can...

  • Create tables from your Java classes (POJOs).
  • Create columns from fields of your Java classes.
  • Work with MySQL, SQLite, and even on Android with SQLite (cool!)
  • Allows you to create safe and easy SQL queries.
  • Manage OneToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany etc. relationships between entities easily.
  • Let you code your database consumer program very quickly.

ORMAN is...

  • Open source (licensed under Apache License 2.0)
  • Lightweight and small (~170 kb) (alternatives like Hibernate are ~4 mb)
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure with annotations, no XML config files etc. needed
  • Easy to learn
  • SQL:1999 standards compliant.
  • Looking for contributors
    • a developing project and needs contribution in many levels such as documentation, testing, demo app development, feature development, architecture consultancy etc.


  • is NOT a solution that covers detailed database usage.
  • is NOT an enterprise or bug-free solution.
  • does NOT support changes in database schema. (create once, use always)
  • does NOT have a transaction manager.
  • may NOT have backwards compatibility with previous versions.

Dev Community

Feel free to write wikis (if you understand how framework works) or follow commit logs by subscribing to our commit-logs list at

You can reach some framework statistics about framework here and our master branch nightly builds are here


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