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Public Speaking by @ahmetb

Speaker Bio

Ahmet Alp Balkan is a Software Engineer at Google, working on developer experiences for open source technologies like Kubernetes and Knative, as well as Google’s services like GKE and Cloud Run. He is the maintainer of developer tooling like and

Prior to Google, he has worked at Microsoft Azure on the Linux team on porting Docker to Windows, creating the first container image for .NET Core, and starting the Azure Container Registry service. You can find him as @ahmetb on Twitter and GitHub.



Serverless Containers on Fully Managed Infrastructure - Container Camp 2020 Virtual

Introduction to Google Cloud Buildpacks – GDG Cloud Ankara Virtual Meetup

Serverless containers with Google Cloud Run and Knative – Serverless Turkey @ Online Meetup

Using Kubernetes to Build Better Kubernetes Networking and Autoscaling – KubeCon/CloudNativeCon 2020 EU @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • (Upcoming, currently postponed to August 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak)
  • Description

Using Serverless on Kubernetes with Cloud Run @ Google Cloud Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey (Webinar)


Making kubectl plugins mainstream – KubeCon 2019 @ San Diego, CA, USA

Modernizing Kubernetes microservices stack with Cloud Run for Anthos – Anthos Day @ KubeCon’19 @ San Diego, CA, USA

Serverless Containers: Cloud Run – Serverless in Seattle Meetup @ Seattle, WA, USA

Serverless "AND" Containers: Is it possible? – ServerlessConf NYC 2019 @ New York, USA

Engineering GKE Clusters for Reliability – Google Cloud Day Istanbul 2019 @ Istanbul, Turkey

Keynote: Empowering your developers & Serverless Google Cloud Day Istanbul 2019 – Istanbul, Turkey

Writing kubectl Plugins: Develop, Package and Distribute – KubeCon/CloudNativeCon 2019 EU @ Barcelona, Spain


Knative Hands-on Workshop – KubeCon 2018 @ Seattle, WA.

Knative: Building serverless platforms on top of Kubernetes – ServerlessDays SEA @ Seattle, WA.

Multi-Tenancy Best Practices for Google Kubernetes Engine – Google Cloud Next’18 @ San Francisco, CA.

Monitoring Microservices with Minimal Effort – Google DevFest @ Ankara,Turkey.

Introduction to Kubernetes multi-tenancy – CNCF Turkey Meetup @ online.


  • Interview: "Krew, the kubectl plugin manager" – with @sethvargo on Google Cloud Platform YouTube channel
  • Presentation: Krew: package manager for kubectl plugins – Kubernetes SIG CLI bi-weekly meeting.


Securing Clusters with Kubernetes Network Policies – KubeCon 2017 – Austin, TX.

Anatomy of a Cloud-Native Application – DevOpsDays IST 2017 @ Istanbul, Turkey

Using TLS with Let’s Encrypt in Kubernetes – Seattle Kubernetes Meetup

go-linq Go Library – Seattle Go Meetup



DNS Service Discovery for Docker clusters – DockerCon EU 2015 @ Barcelona, Spain

Writing Container-Friendly Applications – LinuxCon North America 2015 @ Seattle, WA.

wagl: DNS Service Discovery for Docker Swarm – Docker Seattle Meetup




@ahmetb's public speaking engagements & bio



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