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This project is personal website which has admin panel for content management.
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Dynamic Personal Website

A Personal Website that has experience, skill, portfolio, blog, contact fields. Anybody can have him/her own personal website without any code because every content, field is completely dynamic and editable via admin panel.

Get Started

Must be installed on your computer

Database Config

You should import database that i exported. If you have no idea about import MongoDB take a look here


git clone # Clone repo
cd DynamicPersonalWebsite # Enter project root folder
npm install # Install modules required
npm start # To run project , check http://localhost:3000 on your browser

Usage Admin Panel

Please visit /admin page to access CMS. You will see a login page if you install the project successfully. Username and password are as below at first , later you can change them.

Then everything is simple. Just click a field that you want to update , edit and save changes in home page. Other sections are simple too as it seems. I just should say that you must specify education or career as category in experience and must specify design or programming as category in skill pages. The category keyword assign data will be right or left column. Also please check funcsback.js file to config your mail settings which is sender to your personal mail address. Your personal mail address is editable from panel already.

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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