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# Utility script for keeping track of which preference settings a file was processed
# with, by copying the current preferences to a date-tagged directory together
# with the output files.
# Usage: <model.gts>
dir=`dirname $1`
file=`basename $1`
for s in .gts .GTS .stl .STL; do
if [ ! `basename $file $s` = $file ]; then suffix=$s; fi
if [ -n $suffix ]; then
filename=`basename $file $suffix`
newdir=$filename-`date +%m%d%H%M`
mkdir -p $newdir/skeinforge-prefs
cp $1 $newdir
cp ~/.skeinforge/*.csv $newdir/skeinforge-prefs
python $newdir/$filename$suffix
echo $PWD/$newdir/${filename}_export.gcode
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