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**NOT MAINTAINING** Bot for Bitcoin and other crypto coins
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BTCBot is under beta test right now.

This bot is a standalone version of our bot and it's totally open source and free. You may see and modify codes. All ideas and requests will appreciated.


Bot Features

  • Multiple market support
    • BTC-E (for now supporting only this market)
  • Multiple pair support
  • Trusting
  • Profit
  • Danger zone

Technical Features

  • Tested under Windows 10 x86 & x64
  • Written in C#.Net


  • Multiple markets
    • Poloniex
    • HitBTC
    • More markets will be addable via request
  • Chart (maybe)
  • Notification system
    • Pushbullet
    • Pushover
    • Mail (SMTP)
    • More feature will be addable to here via request

Known Bugs

  • Crash when internet connection lost
  • Multiple pairs in same market is not working/crashing sometimes