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Instant Data Loader module for LF2
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Instant Data Loader module for LF2

This library contains easy to use C-like API for loading decrypted data files into LF2's memory. The library is especially useful when building a data changer (like LF2 IDE). With the help of this library, a data changer can load data files into LF2's memory on the fly, instead of reopening LF2 and waiting for it to load datas itself all over again. This is known to boost productivity while modding the game, because changes take effect instantly.

So what exactly LF2 is?

It's a 2D fighting game that made by Marti Wong & Starsky Wong. See Official Website

Little Fighter 2 has received significant recognition and popularity since its initial release. Being the most sophisticated 2D fighting game ever built, LF2 is also extremely customizable with its data file architecture. Over the years, numerous modifications have been made, ranged from spriting, data changing to exe editing. A vast amount of related work, including comics, animations and novels, have been created by thousands of people from all over the world, creating a strong and truly amazing community.

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